On My Experience Working at a Marijuana Dispensary

Whoa, her website! So many voices. Like two, but that's two too many voices to hear unprompted when you go to a website.

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On Scientology and Me, Part Six: Postscript

@PatatasBravas Yes! That Stella wrote this wonderful series out of admiration and concern for her mother was, for me, almost unbearably sweet. The mother-daughter love and strength is so apparent and lovely.

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On Save the Date*

VFW Hall, baby! Those are often available. I'm so sorry for this giant bump in the road. But yeah -- maybe think about less-than-fancy or nontraditional venues? You'll get through it!

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On Halloween Party Jams

@Decca "Werewolves of London" YES. I tried hating it for a time, back in high school, but resistance is futile.

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On Halloween Party Jams

Witch house music! I repeat, witch house music! It can be pretty intense, but I think if you put it on at the right time (the, er, WITCHING HOUR, perhaps??), it can greatly enhance people's Halloweeny good times and start a weird and awesome dance party. I have seen this happen, though not in a Halloween context. Links:

That said, though, my all time favorite Halloween jam is early-early Dr. John with some other New Orleans R&B legends, Frankie Ford and Jerry Byrne -- "Morgus the Magnificent."

(Sorry I don't know how to embed links in here. I tried, I did. Someone wanna clue me in?)

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On My History of Being Fat

@RobotsNeedLove Are you me??

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On My History of Being Fat

@RobotsNeedLove Beautifully put.

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On My History of Being Fat

@Decca ::backing away slowly:: sorry, didn't realize there were fans of the falsetto, fine-featured, feathered-hair brothers 'round these parts. i respect 'em, i do. just can't jive with 'em.

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On My History of Being Fat

Thank you, thank you! This was wonderful. Staying alive is wonderful. Not the song.

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On MTV Day

I loved this. Wasn't bred to hate pop music per se, but as another child of classical music lovers and a piano student since age 5 I certainly had my moments of seething disdain for certain pop songs, "I'm Too Sexy" being one of them. That said, I was always down -- and still am -- to choreograph the shit out of some jams. 7th grade's masterpiece was to "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies/Now and Then soundtrack.

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