By EM87 on Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

Best easy impressive appetizer in the world: buy pitted dates, almonds and bacon. Stuff almond inside date, wrap in a half strip of bacon, repeat, bake until the bacon is crispy. Stick toothpicks in them. SO GOOD.

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By doil on My History of Being Fat

If you are insecure enough about your weight that a story entitled "My history of being fat" and the subsequent anecdotes and listing of a height/weight ratio that would in current discourse and medicine be consistently considered almost-fat, then -

The problem is not with the story
The problem is with your self-esteem.

This woman is, to use a cliche, "owning her weight" and writing about it, knowing that there would be critique. If you cannot accept another person's attempt to publicly voice what is obviously personal narrative without getting personally offended, fucking look at yourself.

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By wee_ramekin on My History of Being Fat

@Emma Peel No no no no no! I don't think that the Hairpin should stop addressing body stuff at all. Just because the comments here are less in agreement with each other than they are on other posts doesn't mean it isn't worth talking about. In fact, I'd say it means that these are THE issues that we NEED to talk about.

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By Emma Peel on My History of Being Fat

I liked this piece, but I wonder if the Hairpin isn't just better off not addressing body stuff (nutrition, body image) at all. No matter what you do, people will think you're doing it wrong, and the comments just get exhausting. Many people can't stand to read anything about any viewpoint that differs from theirs -- whatever theirs is -- on these issues and it seems to get very personal and scream-y quickly.

The Weight Wars are a big reason I quit reading Jezebel and I'd hate to see it creep over here too.

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By oh! valencia on My History of Being Fat

@lm It's what happened to her. She's not trying to hurt you by telling her story.

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By RNL on My History of Being Fat

I can't believe how hard I related to all of this. All of it. The detachment.

"Maybe I went home and cried. I wish I could remember. Let’s pretend I went home and cried. It’s probably true."

I didn't - I went home and ate. I have so few memories of people being cruel (thank god). The vast majority of the cruelty came from inside my own head.

I feel like I'm only just recently meeting my body. Like my body is a person who has been in my extended social circle for a really long time, and who I didn't like and didn't trust. Only recently have I realize that all of that was in my head, a result of my own feelings about myself, and this person is actually really cool and kind and interesting.

My poor body! To be hated for no reason for so long, abused and hurt and not taken care of. My poor self.

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By Not Quite Sonic on My History of Being Fat

Thank you for this. I can relate to most of this . . . the freshman twenty, seeking validation through sex, and hyper-awareness of being "fat adjacent" according to that very same internet chart. I always feel like I'm one pizza away from being a fat girl again. It doesn't control my life, but it does take up a lot more mental real estate than I'd like to admit.

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By muddgirl on My History of Being Fat

Food isn't my vice and I'm still fat (heck, not even overweight - obese). I guess that means I'm irresponsible to myself.

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By mydoppelganger on My History of Being Fat

I can relate to nearly this entire experience & I thank you so much for writing it.

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By Oh, squiggles on Bachelorette's Leslye Headland: "You’re Just Not Gonna Be Okay"

:-/ As a fat person with thin friends, this movie showcases my fear that they might make fun of me behind my back. I don't think they would, because they don't seem to be dicks. But I don't really want to see fictional "friends" (sarcastic quote marks) be that awful.

Which sucks because obviously some great people in the cast...why didn't they just make a Party Down movie?

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