On Downton Abbey "Season Four, Episode One," The Musical

"Edith, dear, I must confess: I love you more than my printing press."


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On Leaving the Girl

@MilesofMountains Gah, right. Sorry, after cruising the comments my head was spinning from the dominant tone of cliquey disdain.

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On Leaving the Girl

@queenofbithynia I was referring to a different comment that said one can't read or enjoy the article would immediately losing one's Feminist Card. I mistakenly conflated two commenters' remarks, though they were in the same vein.

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On Leaving the Girl

@frenz.lo Loving this comment...forever.

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On Leaving the Girl

@alien_she Wow, I'm pretty floored by this type of reaction, which seems to be among the majority in the comments. Is it not crystal clear that the writer is examining her past self from a cold remove and with a critical eye? She's not saying I Was Anorexic and Glamorous Wasn't I Just Marvy; she's saying that, at the time, she was living out a fantasy of her/Tina's idea of glamour, and isn't it strange the way our perceptions of ourselves can become so twisted.

I think her writing is beautiful, and I like that she doesn't judge herself entirely one way or the other: In many ways, she was unhealthy and self-destructive and un-glamorous, but in other ways, she WAS free and sexy and mysterious. Why can't it be both? We all contain multitudes. And for you to aggressively dismiss her personal experience because it doesn't fit your holier-than-thou idea of feminism, because you can't empathize with someone who has strayed from the straight and narrow, is...sad. I'm astonished by the level of judgment, slut-shaming, and othering going here.

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On Horror and Loss in Glamorous Hollywood

This was so well-written and absolutely devastating. Many thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Even I am entertaining revenge fantasies (Facebook lynching! Having dozens of random catalogs sent to her house!) directed at that drummer, and I've only known about this incident for 10 minutes. You must have some primo rage-channeling/diffusing skills.

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@pixieg Actually, I didn't think that made sense at all. Lady/Dude were trying so hard to unleash the burns they neglected to make sure the insults even cohered logically. Letting one's religion prevent one from having a diverse sex life somehow translates to...codependency? How? I don't see it. I don't have a dog in that LW's fight at all -- I'm agnostic and was never in danger of letting god prevent me from enjoying dick -- but that line annoyed the hell out of me because it made no effing sense except as a dismissive barb.

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On Other Controversial Jennifer Lawrence Acceptance Speech Moments

Oh poor Jennifer. Recently an organization I belong to was scheduling upcoming meetings, and someone said we should refrain from making important decisions for the first 20 minutes because people arrive late sometimes, and I said, "Or we can all make it our *beezwax* to be here." Everyone stared like I was some asshole who says "beezwax." I was quoting "Wet Hot American Summer."

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On Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

@lalaura Use the punch bowl and ladle, but save the cups for a smaller, indoor event. Use small clear plastic cocktail cups instead. I think those are perfectly acceptable. No one will care that you used plastic, but you will definitely care if any cups get broken.

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On Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

@planforamiracle The 'become a good host' thing is absolutely true, but I had the same problem several years ago when I decided to start throwing awesome parties. Things I've learned:

1. Co-hosting with a friend (especially one with whom you don't overlap socially a lot) can automatically double your guest list and create a more interesting, less predictable crowd.

2. Invite more people than you actually want to come. I invited 140 people to my last party, and about 75 showed up, which was perfect. (But don't invite people you haven't seen face to face or spoken to on the phone in the past year. That will look desperate.)

3. Advertise some of the delicious snacks and treats you will be serving! If people know there will be food, or a special cocktail, (especially if it's a themed menu), they'll be more interested in coming. People really do love free food.

4. Make sure you go to other people's parties and events. It took me a while to learn that if you're the type that flakes on coming to other people's things (whether it's that community meeting your friend wanted you to come to, or your music teacher friend's school musical, or just a regular party), folks will feel less jazzed about coming to your event.

5. Make sure there aren't any other big events that will conflict with your party. I mean, if you want to throw a Christmas party, you'll definitely have competition no matter what, but you can try to compensate with a cool theme or activities or something. (Activities have to be something quick and easy to execute with a big group of people, so not, like, anything that requires turning off the music and standing around explaining things.)

6. MAKE IT DANCEY. Dance parties are the best. Even people who don't like to dance want to be at a party with people dancing, so that they can either feed off the vibes or make fun of everyone, or both. If you're not confident DJing a dance party, hire a DJ or ask a friend. And advertise that DJ on your party invite, even if it's your own DJ name.

I love parties and I love that you want to throw epic parties. Hope some of this helps.

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