I like in Texas, and I work in a public library. More importantly: I love my cats.

On The Fault in Her Stars

@kellyography What if it's just a Julius Caesar reference? :(

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On Friday Open Thread

@highfivesforall She lives on 17th street near 278. I don't know if that's, like, a particular neighborhood of Brooklyn? Let me tell you how much it warms my heart that you mentioned the Sketchbook Museum/Brooklyn Art Library! I actually have a sketchbook in the collection! We will definitely visit that.

Any favorite restaurants or bars you recommend?

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey, All!
My husband and I are visiting a friend of ours in New York in eight weeks. She lives in Brooklyn, and we'll be there four nights. Any recommendations on Must's or Must Not's?

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On Name That Book!

I feel like this is probably wrong because no one mentioned any cream tea.
The Wind Eye by Robert Westall

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On Friday Open Thread

@lizzle I am really late, but here! teresaotter.tumblr.com

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On Shellebrate Good Times

I like Friday's anonymous note.

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On The Best of the Best Music of 2012

The real question here is: Hot Cheetos OR Takis?

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On Happy 12/12/12

@Shotgun_Mary Amazing! Happy baby day! Thanks for sharing!

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On Happy 12/12/12

@Snowy Owl Love Killer @professionalmess Happy birthday to both of you! It's also my best friend's birthday! I came up with this equation to get to her age: 12+12+12-(8+5)+(12/3)=27

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On Woof

@Dog Ballou I feel that way about my CATS. The best part of the day is going home to see their squeaky, happy faces. I hate leaving them for trips!

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