Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I love writing but I'm bad at writing about me.

On Love & Gina Prince-Bythewood

Loved this! I had looked up Prince-Bythewood the other day to see what else she had worked on since Love & Basketball, and this interview helped fill in the blanks - she puts a hell of a lot of work into her screenplays and such! I would love to see her putting out movies more often, but I'd rather see passion projects like this one that she put so much work into.

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On Love Yourself the Way Drake Loves the Toronto Raptors Mascot

@adorable-eggplant It looks like a lot of fun, I'm glad it didn't disappoint!

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On Love Yourself the Way Drake Loves the Toronto Raptors Mascot

@DrSnorkington Correct. The Raptors are 20 years old, so just remember how much we all loved Jurassic Park.

And forget that time that I went to a zoo, heard they had a raptor exhibit, and freaked out a little because I thought they meant dinosaur-style raptors.

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RIP. My love for Rapper's Delight knows no bounds, and the music industry owes Sugarhill Gang and Sylvia Robinson a lot.

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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

@Plant Fire I think you might be on to something. It might also just be a matter of perspective - if you're writing about self-care as a single woman you might not be able to speak for women who are in relationships, because some aspects of your life are different.

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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

@shalalas I think, in some ways, you're right. You shouldn't HAVE to spend money on self-care. But the flip side of it is that our society values money (no pun intended) and we spend it on so many things, and it's such a major part of our everyday goings-about that sometimes you might need to stop and realize that this money that you spent time and effort earning should benefit you somehow. So, yeah, something like "Buy this lipstick because you believe in self-care" seems weird, but on a personal level, "I buy this lipstick/hair product/essential oil because I earned the right to spend money on myself and do or own something that makes me happy" does make sense.

(Please excuse my run-on sentences.)

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Montreal! You know we have bagels.

Anyway, this made me think about how strange it must be to know what you want out of a place to call home, and realize that some places just don't have that. Like, if families of colour don't want to move in to neighbourhoods or towns that are very white, those places might continue to only be white, and maybe they'll continue to seem inaccessible or unwelcoming, and, I don't know, that just seems so limited. And unfair to everyone, really - the people who are reluctant about moving there, as well as the people who already live there. I know you can't expect things like access to good education, healthcare, and career opportunities to change overnight, but that we still have to worry about diversity - or lack thereof - is just not cool. (I say this as a person whose diverse neighbourhood still has its share of flaws and is not Sesame Street.)

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On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

@DullHypothesis Seconding the melatonin. I've been taking it when needed for a month or two now, and most of the time it helps a lot. There have been times when my brain tried to counteract it - like my own nervousness wouldn't let me fall asleep right away - but those nights, I probably ended up getting a better night's sleep than I would have without any melatonin at all.
It might give you very vivid dreams, though. This is apparently a natural side effect of taking melatonin (I can't remember how many mg are in the supplements I take) but just fyi, sometimes having vivid dreams will trick you into thinking that you slept less than you actually did. I like it because it's something your body produces anyway, so it seems a lot less scary than sleeping pills. Sometimes your body just needs sleep, and if you're not getting enough of it, you might as well try to do something about it.

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On Better Security Questions

"How old were you when your hair started getting curly and those bangs you had stopped working?"

*bursts into tears*

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

This was so comforting. I never really felt sure about Impostor Syndrome because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to use that term for what I was experiencing.

I think a lot of the answers reflect exactly why I feel this way - if you feel different from people, or if anyone makes you feel like you shouldn't be where you are, then you'll probably feel like an impostor at some point. I've felt it a lot in my personal and professional lives - it took me a long time to realize that I am actually good and skilled at my job. Part of the reason why it took so long for me to realize that was my workplace. Hell, I just got a promotion, which I didn't ask for until very recently because I didn't realize I deserved it. Company culture. Even signing the new contract for my promotion made me feel like I didn't deserve it - like I was lucky to get anything at all, even though I was working so hard at a job that paid me less than it should have.
It's come up in my personal life as well - any compliments I get, or any positive reactions to my accomplishments sometimes send me into immediate impostor mode, as if I can't believe anyone would say something nice to me.

Anyway, Jazmine Hughes, you absolutely deserve everything that you have worked for. I will remind you of this as often as needed. (But I probably won't watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, not because of you, just because, like, I won't.)

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