Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I love writing but I'm bad at writing about me.

On One Big Question: What Makes You Feel Powerful?


I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets all her power from Beyonce and Nicki. Doing comedy - getting on a stage in front of people, grabbing a microphone, and hoping that some words I wrote will make them laugh - makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel like I can be successful at something that used to terrify me. But I can't get there without my preshow playlist of all the songs that make me feel like I deserve a place in this world, on that stage.

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On Miley Cyrus, "Party In The U.S.A."

You'll be okay as long as your love for MuchMusic stays strong!

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On New York's Hottest New Dessert Is Clafoumisu

If someone can make a dessert that can sustain my sweet tooth and cost under $3, I will be their best friend.

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On The Best Time Hair Plopping Made Me Look Like A Chaos Muppet

@Monkey yes! I feel like the only thing that was clear about that article was how to maneuver the T-shirt around your hair. (I just use a microfibre hair turban because I had never previously understood the mechanics of T-shirts.) I don't think I'm a fan of squeezing most of the excess water out of my hair, either.

Also, Jaya, you are a treasure and thank you for writing this.

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On "Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

This seems counterintuitive, but that's because I have almost no intuition when it comes to makeup (other than mascara last) and am constantly wondering what goes on before what. And now I know!

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On Weekend Roundup/Open Thread

Now I want to try and find out what Justin is up to, but here are some guesses:
- Rebooting his career as a singer-songwriter, like Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines, minus all the Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines stuff, and just trying to shed his old image. I think Ashley Parker Angel tried this, and I don't know how successful he was at it. Probably not as successful as he would have been if he had held onto the O-Town fanbase.
- Hosting some kind of infotainment show, because is it just me or do a lot of former Idol contestants or singers end up doing this?
- Singing at smaller events, like county fairs and such. I saw a former winner of Canadian Idol headlining a concert at a ribfest a few years back, and I figure that people whose bellies are full of delicious, fattening food make for mellow yet welcoming audiences.
- Successful local singing teacher to kids who have no idea who he is, brought to singing lessons by shameless aunts who totally just wanted to meet him.
- Writing songs that you've totally heard and had no idea he wrote. (Sidenote: I gave up watching Nashville, but one of the Moffatts writes songs for it!)

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On A Celebration of the Best Ella Fitzgerald Songs

Thank you so much for writing this, Sarah. Ella was and is spectacular. Hearing "I Love Paris" during a boat cruise down the Seine felt like living inside a movie.

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On Come Be Obsessed With Coming To America

Jaya, everything about this is perfect.

If I can add one: 6. Prince Akeem's description of football is the most accurate description of football I have ever read, and that includes like Grantland and stuff.

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On I Can't Wear Heels

This all makes me feel so much better about not being able to wear heels! I wear them sometimes but can hardly walk in them. My sister used to like joking that I was bad at being a girl because I couldn't walk in shoes that were clearly not built for wide flat feet and not-delicate ankles. (I look stupid in most heels.) Sometimes, if they're properly constructed heels and not thirty-dollar embarrassments to shoemaking I can actually stand to wear heels. I apparently walk in them all wrong, but whatever. And I bring flats to change into.
tl;dr Heels are great for conforming to certain standards of beauty, also for sitting or sometimes standing still for short periods of time. Not so great if you're self-conscious about feet or ankles.

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On Please Welcome Alexandra Molotkow

Hello! Now please tell us more about these Greek fries.

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