Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I love writing but I'm bad at writing about me.

On Consensual Comedy: An Interview with Comedian Heather Gold

As someone who's just about to get her feet wet in comedy, this was a great read!

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On Scandal and Grey's Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes' Twisted Sisters

All of this was spot-on. Thanks, Alexis!

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On You Can Now Enroll at Hogwarts Via MOOC

Suggestion: I like "ladies first" a whole lot, but if the Hairpin ever needed a new tagline, I recommend "a site for self-sorted Ravenclaws who are really just Hufflepuffs in denial"

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On You Can Now Enroll at Hogwarts Via MOOC

@j-i-a if I may, I would say that your clever responses to your player haters indicate a cattiness not unlike that of a young Draco Malfoy, and I mean that in the best way possible (let's just pretend there is one.) However, you do not possess any of the pure evil of a Tom Riddle type, so I don't think you're full-on Slytherin. There are lovably witty and intelligent characters who shut down their haters and live in other houses, I'm sure.
Do you speak French? Because Beauxbatons would probably love you, and we secret Hufflepuffs would cheer for you at the Triwizard Tournament.

did i really just write all that

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On Ladies' Night

This is fabulous and I loved it and we all have that friend, don't we?

(I mean, I would hope all my friends spare the male orcas)

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On You Can Now Enroll at Hogwarts Via MOOC

@Statham @adorable-eggplant MY PEOPLE

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On You Are Not a Descendant

I loved every bit of this. I'm second-generation, so I feel like Ancestry wouldn't be able to help me unless it has records from small-town Italy... though I would like to know whether or not it's a coincidence that I have a similar last name to one of the Apostles.

In any case, while I know that I won't be able to discover something as cool as an ancestor who came in on the Mayflower, or a Fille du Roy, I can take pride in the fact that my family was similar to yours - humble, hardworking people who did everything they could to improve their lives and those of their children - and that I'm the result of that. Basically everything that I have and am is because of the way they were and the hard work they did, you know? All of them have contributed in some way - to the skills I have, to the fact that I'm one of three children who all have university degrees, even to my temper and my hair. My paternal grandmother wasn't famous in any way, and I never even got to meet her, but every time a relative says that I look like her, it makes me proud.

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On Leftover Woman

"one show features a dreadlocked young Chinese man whose name is iPad."

Please tell me more.

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On Friday Open Thread

@OhMarie Christopher Walken.

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On Friday Open Thread

@tealily If he has any plans for retirement, maybe get him something that's in line with those plans? Like, if he plans to travel, you could get him a nice hand-crafted leather passport case or one of those maps of the world where you scratch off the countries you've been to. If he really likes food and wine, you could get a pair of wine glasses.

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