Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I love writing but I'm bad at writing about me.

On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@ru_ri @lobsterhug I will try both of these suggestions!

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

As usual, I loved this week!

Fashion Hairpin: Does anyone want to help me figure out how to dress up a grey T-shirt that's a little too big for me? Should I wear a fitted blazer over it or will that look like I borrowed lots of clothes from my dad? Any advice welcome, but please know that my wardrobe sucks.

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On What Makes Us Feel Better When We're Sad?

I loved this. I don't always do the same thing when I'm sad, but often when I think I need to, I spend time by myself. The best way for me to take a break from my emotions is to physically separate myself from them, but you can't always just drop everything and get out of town, so I just try to take a mental break from whatever is bothering me, and usually that involves spending time by myself. I don't have a go-to person that I rely on every time I'm sad, and sometimes I just need to spend time with myself for self-care and to face however I'm really feeling, or just to shut out the noise of everyone else. Making a conscious choice to be alone for a bit means that I can try to create peace and have time to deal with my own thoughts. Sometimes it's a really long shower. Sometimes I just let out my feelings however they happen to come out. Sometimes I just turn on the TV and kind of stare at it. Having a little bit of independence, a bit of personal space, makes me feel less like I'm at the mercy of everyone else.

Thanks for this, it was a great read.

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On Men Explain Cars To Me

These were (mostly) hilarious. Some of those guys... just... no.

I had read this awesome article once basically pointing out all the stuff you find problematic about Cars (Why do the cars have no drivers? Why do their doors open? Where did roads come from and why do they have monuments that look like car parts?) but I can't find it anymore :(

Anyway, thanks for helping me realize that maybe a small segment of men on dating sites aren't that terrible.

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On How To Write An Email

This is all so important but her misspellings (or deviations from the way that I write) are making my eye twitch. Why don't people use commas for direct address? "Hi, Mary" looks so much better than "Hi Mary"!

Okay, I'll stop.

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On Like A Fox

@clone I don't know, from what I've read, the way he spoke about his mother (which might be an extension of how he sees women in general) made it seem like he didn't really identify with her, or with being Malaysian.
I could be way off base. Maybe he was struggling with his racial identity, and that's part of why he was so angry about being rejected by white girls.

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On Perfection Achieved

My essay goes like this:

Why are you reading this when you could just look at the pictures again? k bye

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread


This is all really good advice, thank you! This friend has always kind of been this way, and obviously I'm willing to talk her through any sort of really important transitions and Big Life Things, but I'm just not willing to make her feel important by acting as if I'm less than she is. I have a feeling that this kind of stuff will continue, but I think I'll just sort of have to ride it out/hope for a fade-out until she realizes that she needs to be a better friend.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

How many eyerolls until you decide it's time for a friend breakup? I love my friends and think they're great, but I also think there's space in a friendship to talk about things other than how great your friend is, and, well, I know someone who disagrees.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@isabelle bleu I saw that in the Ann Friedman Weekly, and I might just sign up for it!

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