On I Am So Sorry You Probably Didn't Have An Orgasm That Time We Hooked Up

@RNL Ohh, maybe it isn't Natasha who gave the interview, but her highly crafty nemesis?
...That's a revenge idea I'll file away for future use.

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On Which of the "Three Personality Regions" in America Fits You Best?

@cuminafterall Me too! And immediately went searching for #50 in extroversion (couldn't find it, though).

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On Friday Open Thread

@sheistolerable I sort of exhausted the game's possibilities, so it feels a bit repetitive now, but I'm still really into Fallen London (by the same folks), if you're also playing that?

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane Alastair Campbell's diaries. So 'enjoying' may not exactly be the right word, but I'm certainly working on my biceps just lifting them.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Queen of Pickles Ooh, I second the "Forgotten Russian Novels" one.
Or maybe "Russian Comic Novels"? It's so aggravating that all people think about when they hear "Russian novel" is "brooding 19th-century aristocrats who die at the end".
I'd comment the shit out of that.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison "Shaking salad" really sounds like a euphemism, now.

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On Friday Open Thread


I got your mix, and it's great! I really liked Coyote Grace, My Terrible Friend and especially 'The Heartache Over Innsmouth': I love Lovecraft-themed music. Do you know the H.P. Lovecraft's Historical Society's 'Scary Solstice' albums? They get a lot of play at my place around Christmas. They also did a version of Fiddler on the Roof (titled, naturally, 'A Shoggoth on the Roof'. "How does it stay there? - Tentacles! Tentaaacleees!").

And that ASW comic is one of my favorites: I even made a magnet of it.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

Wooo! Well done, Denmark! Teach us your Roosh-repelling ways.

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On What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Sea Monster

@bvb That's an unusually insightful spambot.

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On I'll Have What Lolo Jones Is Having

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