On Interview with a Pagan Clergyman

@stonefruit I consider myself like... Pantheist-Pagan-Catholic I guess. I definitely don't have a "church" the way this interviewee does, but I have a spiritual community in my city, and we observe the moon cycles and the yearly festivals like Samhain and Beltane and what not (although not with as much enthusiasm or structure as what the above interviewee describes). We've largely created this together as we've gone along, and it's really not patriarchal. But also, it has been overwhelmingly women participating in things, and the community has mostly grown from the women's circles we've held, so that will obviously set the tone, but we do have plenty of male friends and partners who participate to varying degrees. Some of them are working on getting a men's circle together. I think the lack of any real leadership will keep it from even having the opportunity to be patriarchal, since there isn't anyone directing things who could take it there. There is a smaller group of us within the community who facilitate most of the gatherings, but we all have the explicit intention of keeping it vague enough that anyone who joins us can really home-brew her own spiritual practice within our spaces.

So I think that this completely grassroots approach is a really excellent approach for seekers who have either vague or specific desires about what kind of spiritual life and community they'd like to have. The obvious problem is access, though, since the way we do it is entirely word-of-mouth and mostly in private residences. But I'm in Philly, if there are any Philly-area 'pinners who are seeking and want to chat.

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On Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

@Lauren C. Ostberg@facebook Thanks for your response! I think there is a place for editorial input on moments like that within pieces. Like, if The Hairpin wants (which I can't really assume, but I hope they do) to present feminist material, they could turn to you and mention the line, and suggest that you include maybe one more sentence reflecting on that reaction. I don't think an honest sentiment like that should be excised, because that's part of what I love about this website and other similar outlets: they're honest reflections of what our daily lives entail. But I've grown used to a vague culture of reflection here at the Hairpin, and I think there's a way to do it that both preserves honest expression and encourages a standard of social awareness. Websites like this build culture, however small the impact of any given individual post, and the privilege and power of having a widely-read media outlet, I believe, come with a responsibility to use them... at least with intention, if not for outright social good.

Anyway, I felt my original comment was aimed more at the Hairpin editorial staff than at you, the author, fwiw.

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On Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

The woman who pours my whiskey is tall, which helps me take her seriously, despite her perky demeanor and conventional attractiveness.


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On 7 Classic Film Heroines Who Suck at Personal Safety

@Jaya Yeah, but she's not the point. She's like the Mary Poppins of The Princess Bride - the real magic's in Dick Van Dyke/Westley.

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On A Very Rare Look Inside the Lisa Frank Headquarters

Chances that's Lisa Frank herself dancing in the bear costume?

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On A Drone's-Eye-View of Burning Man

I have been! Twice. It's my favorite place on earth. It's home.

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On Two Photo Sets: Burning Man and Underwater People

@iceberg There's lots about Burning Man that's totally awful. You're not wrong. But it all really pales in comparison with the sheer beauty and drama of the experience. Those photos don't even quite capture it.

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On Two Photo Sets: Burning Man and Underwater People

Ah! I'm getting all teary in a lecture right now! Didn't get to go this year, but those photos really transported me. Thanks for posting.

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On How to Enjoy Art as a Human Being

I'm not sure how you have all the same thoughts as me. It's kind of unsettling.

You are a much better writer though. Thanks for this :)

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On A Real Argument for Doing That Thing Where You Rub the Chopsticks for No Real Reason

@Quinn A@twitter Yeah, I was taught to do it to avoid splinters, and I only do it until they feel smooth and splinter-free. And I never do it if they're durable lacquered ones or plastic or something.

Sounds like Emma never got the memo. I hope you aren't swallowing splinters, dear!

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