On Ain't No Fun If A Girl Can't Have None

Right??? Within the last year I started listening to female hip hop of the 90s out of nostalgia and realized with adult ears how unapologetic these women were about expressing their sexuality on their own terms and not how men would like them to. Super refreshing!

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On A Tale of Six Cities

Try Mr. Taco Truck. It's in Quarry Bay.

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On Holiday Gift Take-Backs

I gave one of my high school boyfriends basketball shorts and a framed pic of me for his birthday. It was a super great photo taken in Autumn with all the leaves and me in a turtleneck etc. This was before the age of digital, and as the photo had been taken by a family friend and I didn't have the negatives, when we broke up I wanted it back! One day in the hallway while he was talking to a friend, without even turning my head to look at him I all high-and-mightily said, "I want my picture back." as I walked by. A couple days later he was waiting for me outside of one of my classes, holding the picture like a dog with its tail between its legs. I walked up to him, snatched it, curtly said, "Thank you." and I think whipped my hair in his face as I turned around? Seriously, in high school I think I could have been on "Mean Girls", but...it was sooo satisfying.

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On The Best Time I Met My Birthmother

This was great, thank you so much for sharing. I am an adoptee, too, and empathize about many of your sentiments and experience. I'm not quite ready yet to take the plunge and do a serious search leading to a meeting, but your story was encouraging!

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On My Case With Accutane

GUYS. Accutane or other prescription meds are not the only choice for acne. I started getting acne when I was 9 and it developed into a serious case of bumpy red face. My dermatologist kept pushing Accutane on me as the last resort, but I knew a guy who took it and his family says he's never been the same, psychologically. I did my own research in medical journals and the possible side effects are SERIOUS diseases, not just dry skin!

So I went to my local health store and began naturally healing myself and haven't looked back. I can go on beach holidays and not wear foundation the entire time! Any of the following gel tablets are worth trying before using Accutane:

-Vitamin A
-Vitamin E
-Royal Jelly
-Evening Primrose Oil
-Omega 3

Everyone's skin is different, but natural remedies will always be easier on the system and more, well...natural!

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