On Twenty Marleys and Me

I thought this was beautifully written, but really problematic! I can't be the only reader thinking that "twenty Marleys" is just another way of saying "twenty people that are different from me in a way that makes them all exactly the same." If this was titled "Twenty Exotic Locals and Me," it would be at least be more truthful (but just as offensive).

So many feelings! Most of them not good ones.

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On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

I too was forced by a crazy lady at Petco (KITTY, named KITTY) to adopt two kittens. "But they get lonely if you get just one!"

Four years later and my two kitty sisters don't even play together! I'm not sure they even like each other. I try and get them to snuggle and it's always a fail.

Meanwhile, one is in love with anything that knows how to open a can and the other actively competes with me for the love of my husband.

Cats: can't live with them, can't live without them, except you can, and you're apartment would be much cleaner, but we're all infested with zombie parasites that make us love our cats. the end.

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On The Best Time I Went to the Orthodontist on LSD

@MoonFlavor um! Plan ahead -- make sure you have access to water, food, spliffs, anything (coloring books, music, things you buy in the toy aisle at CVS) else and turn off your phone and internet before you start tripping. There is nothing worse than the outside (ie. Gchat) banging on the door to your brain when you're out to lunch.

ALSO! There's no such thing as a bad trip if you just remember that you're totally in control and it's just like going to an amusement park. Have fun, but don't expect it to change your life. My best trips were always a steady stream of cool shit to look at (marble countertops, houses that were over-decorated) and plenty of fun stuff to do.

I also recommend watching The Yellow Submarine while you come down. Take two advil and drink a big glass of water at the beginning and you'll be asleep by the end.

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On The Best Time I Went to the Orthodontist on LSD

Once my roommate made me go to Duane Reade with her while we were both on LSD. It was only like a block from our apartment, but I thought EVERYONE KNEW and we were DEFINITELY going to get arrested, even though I don't think you can be arrested just for being high? Anyway, normally I'm like the tripping camp counselor and I make everybody sandwiches and I give out colored pencils and I keep friends from wandering off and getting hit by a cab, but I absolutely hate having to leave the house on psychedelics.

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On Engagement Stories, Cuddling, and Wonderful Boyfriends

@The Lady of Shalott I am firmly in the no surprise camp. My now-husband was asking me to marry him ALL THE TIME, right from when we first started dating. I finally indulged him a few years later, but I designed the ring (I had my grandmother's stones to work with) and he pretty much stayed mum knowing I was the one that was going to wear it. I'm not the type to rock a traditional solitaire, so it worked out.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

@Lorelei@twitter I do this kind of work (among other marketing type writerly things) and this is definitely true, but I am also fleeing to graduate school in the fall and it is partially BECAUSE of my work. I am excited to study a very specific area of a growing field, blah blah graduate school. ANYWAY, I would caution anyone considering this type of work (content strategy, social media consulting, writing for interactive agencies) to keep the following in mind:

1) Clients are sadly and deeply confused about the internetz and that's why they need you to write for them.
2) Clients think you can do ANYTHING/EVERYTHING and they set the bar very high and if you fail, everything ever is your fault. If you succeed, you won't get credit.

One of these is almost always true. Sometimes both are true. Just...it's not like Mad Men! It's more like Sad Writers Dumbing Things Down And Drinking Coffee Alone While Consulting Thesaurus.com.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Xanthophyllippa ugh you are living my DREAM. whenever my husband talks about the way way way future, i always answer with "well it won't matter because we will all be robots." best ever.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Xanthophyllippa ha! oh i know dear old k&p, but i spend way more time with kurzweil and fukuyama

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@annepersand ummm read "Masks" by Damon Knight and you will love it. It's like the fruit punch of medical humanities. It's definitely a short story reflective of the 1980's medical thriller/cyborg/robo fetish. You can almost hear the Blade Runner score...

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@annepersand just commenting to say hayyyyy medical humanities. what's your specialty?

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