On How to Live Practically Forever

Thank you for writing about your Gigi! My Nana passed away two weeks ago on my birthday, and I just wanted you to know that your story made me feel so much better about life in general. It reminded me of the great little moments I was able to have with my Nana before she passed. I had the good fortune of living with my Nana for most of my life and I learned so much about life and John Wayne from her. I have so many things in my life I can attribute to her and I guess what I'm trying to say is learn as much from your Gigi while you can and keep those moments like the one you wrote about in your heart.
Again thank you so much for writing this.

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On Ravens, Witches, and Swimming Pools

@Beatrix Kiddo, They train with weights on thier legs in the water. WATER. With that kind of strength and agility how can people not call it sport?

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On The Camera My Mother Gave Me

Well that is one way to start the day. That poor, poor flower.

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On Also, No Corporate Income Tax

@Scandyhoovian, You are making a fantastic point. We aren't taxed very much compared to some other countries. I think many people forget that. Also, taxing pot seems like the most logical move offered up at the moment as far as implementation and practice.

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On Happy Banaversary

Thank goodness he grew out of that phase.

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On Just Like Team USA

@redheaded&crazie , YES THIS.

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On Just Like Team USA

@meatcute, I have had that problem before and it toally feels like you are dumping someone or getting dumped the same way as you would in a romantic relationship. It is super hard, but sometimes you have to think about how worthwhile to your mental stability keeping this "toxic" person as a friend is. If you would dump a significant other for similar reasons then why are you putting up with it from a friend?

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On On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

@zeytin, You and I could be shoe/comfotible twins!

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@trappedinabay , I just looked through that site and it was amazing! Thank you for sharing that, I had no idea this type of recycled ring actual existed.

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On This Is Not Your Beautiful House

@Is It a Hat? , I am very similar but with me its House Hunters International that I am watching and foriegn house rentals.

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