On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

Filthy lies, Jojen Reed is near the top. I have had a(n age appropriate) crush on Thomas Sangster since Love Actually.

Also: Bronn.

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On "Closer," Tegan and Sara

I just want to share that I felt a strong need to sing this as a karaoke song...and the video comes out at them doing karaoke. Meant to be, you guys.

I also have the biggest crush on Tegan.

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On Don't Pity Them, They Will Take Over Your World

Thank you Hairpin for mentioning and subsequently clarifying Doctor Who trivia.


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On We Wouldn't Have to Eat Kraft Dinner

This post makes me feel very patriotic. *sniff*

I used to eat kraft dinner like every day for lunch in elementary school.

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On The Eighteenth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

@I AM DIAPHENA Me too! I was really confused for two days.

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On Stunning Nuts & Other DIY Projects for Preteens

I love stuff like this! I used to have a whole bunch of books with crafts that I didn't have the supplies for or were just plain ridiculous.

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On Text Me Possibly

Are any other Canadians totally confused about how Call Me Maybe has blown up in the US? The song...is not that great. And also fairly old! :(

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On Canadian Heritage Moments

@baklava! Yes! Dudes, and a train.

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On The First Sandra Lee: Poppy Cannon and Her Can-Opener Cuisine

If using 'hacks' are wrong I don't wanna be right. Frozen broccoli is delish, and I won't throw it out!

<3 u aunt sandy

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On The 10 Least Inspiring Sentences on This Lululemon Tote

I thought these were all made up and then I remembered reading number 8 on a coworker's bag.

Lululemon, you so silly.

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