The Mythical Codfish

The Mythical Codfish

Above average journeyman bibliomancer, obsessed with leather goods, silk scarves, and her silver pattern.

On Qreamed Quorn

I thinq I'm going to be ill just looqing at this.

Just FYI, if any of you ever require Qream for further nefarious purposes, let me qnow. There's a couple of bottles pathetiquely languishing on the lower shelves of my loqal liquor store.

(Goddamnit now I'm seeing Qs everywhere)

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On Future Questions in Women's Advertising

Why, yes, my breasts are *extremely* avid readers! I'm willing to provide pictures and testimonials!

Also, I distinctly remember a new fad for knee-sculpting surgery cropping up a few years ago, conclusive proof that no body part is safe.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

*cries quietly* Only six months until the end of my graduate degree, and then I'll have a Real Girl job and money and I'll look at posts like this with something other than soul-crushing envy.

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On Stephen King is Writing a Sequel to "The Shining"

@olivebee Seriously, he's just Mr. King, oh, doesn't your Dad write those books? And your family's really into the Bangor Public Library, right? (I know it's the single most cliched thing ever to say he's really just a normal guy, but he really is.) And he is very nice about other people's stuff.

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On Stephen King is Writing a Sequel to "The Shining"

You know, as creepy as his writing is, Stephen King is a really nice guy. He came and talked to my third-grade class, and I remember thinking that he didn't seem like someone who wrote scary books; he was just like all the other L.L. Bean plaid-shirt wearing dads that came to pick us up in the afternoon.

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On Other Bosom Committee ISO Rhyming Nickname

@HoliandIvy I pretty much live out of Lady Grace, but they're only in the Northeast. My go-tos are Jezebel and Wacoal (the latter of which I always get on sale).

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On Other Bosom Committee ISO Rhyming Nickname

I once had a close girlfriend comment "You don't wear bras, darling, you wear scaffolding." I was unaccountably flattered. At least I'm a reasonable enough size that all my Personal Scaffolding is lace and mesh and pretty embroidery - but Victoria's Secret still doesn't make a large enough cup size for me.

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On Proposed Masque Flavors for the Upscale Market

How about that flavor you get when you eat an artichoke and then drink a glass of milk right afterwards?

Also, I think the pineapple juice solution is the easiest, although I find that Macintosh apples work just as well (especially on ladies).

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm running on three and a half hours' sleep and a mega coffee;

I got an email at 11:30 last night saying my graduate assistant hours have been cut by half for this semester;

I got the apartment I wanted, and while funds will be tight, I will have enough to live on;

And I realized all my decorating needs can be taken care of with two $3 cans of spray paint. So, all in all, I've kind of come out ahead today.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Faintly Macabre Nay! Qream puffs, I tell you!

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