On Meditations on 12 Bits of Bathroom Graffiti

@brooklebee My favorite instance of this is at a pizza joint in Brooklyn that makes the Thanks on the garbage can: T.HANKS and there's a picture of Tom Hanks and it makes me laugh on every occasion I've been blessed to be in there. I don't even know anymore if garbage cans usually say thanks, but it's good (albeit probably placed by the management) graffiti.

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On More Frightening Things to Read

@iknowright This exists! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3PIkV2anqk I loved those scary stories but they still freak me out. Did In A Dark, Dark Room also have the one about the puzzle that a lady (?) is putting together and then it's some dude outside her window?

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On Liar, Liar, Food on Fire

@Lu2 Truth! I like beets but *for* that earthy taste.

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On Liar, Liar, Food on Fire

This reminded me of the time a roommate pushed me to take a bite of some sausage, which tasted a little weird. It was then explained that it was boudin noir, which some people really freaking love, but for me the thought that I'd just eaten blood really turned my stomach. He went into a detailed description of how it's made and I had to tell him to shut up and walk away. I couldn't eat off that plate for a few days and had really weird anxiety about it. It's really cool if you tell people what they're eating before they have it in their mouths so there is actually some semblance of choice about trying potentially disgusting things. For example I have eaten bugs. But willingly! No need to be sneaky.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Still With the Armpits

My natural pit odor is already pretty maple syrupy. I wonder if someone's been slipping me fenugreek.

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On Things More Embarrassing Than a Bird Shitting on Your Head

Wow, LOL to wah wah wah in a heartbeat. This was so good, and now I'm doing that blinking back tears thing at work because, wow. Thank you for sharing.

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On The Twenty-Second Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

I might have make this my new theme song.

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On What We Will Be Playing in the London Games

I AM SO EXCITED but I don't have a TV. Can I live stream all of the events at work instead of working? Does anyone know how to do this?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

It's a palantír!

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On Those Little Notes

This just reminded me to check that my SMS backup app was running and it hasn't been since MAY 14! Anywho it's called SMS Backup and it does all of the work for you by saving all the texts you send/receive to Gmail. Fun!

I used to do this with particularly funny/stupid/exciting AIM chats. I hope no one ever finds them on the broken hard drive of my college laptop.

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