On I Can't Wear Heels

I have some lovely heels in my closet, but they are sitting there because I have destroyed my right leg with walking to work, retail and food service. The most I can manage are kitten heels and that is only on a good day. I always bring a secondary pair with me because I know heel wearing sexiness will only last a certain period of time.

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On "It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

This is one of those things where I'd just write a Dear John letter and move to another country because there is no scenario where this will not end badly. I was just like O.O when I read this letter. I'm okay with the bisexuality part but the sleeping with either of my parents would be a big no.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

I lived in Wyoming when it came out and saw it when I was in college (I was an older student) and then moved to SW Wyoming just after and it really stuck with me. I lived in a fairly conservative part of Oregon in the early 80s and it was very similar to how SLC was depicted in SLC Punk. Plus, much of what was going on in the movie, was still sort of going on. Utah was still full of blue laws and people were still driving to Evanston to buy booze, fireworks and porn mags.
I think there is still a lot to be taken away from it and kids can still identify with it, especially if they grow up in a conservative area and are rebelling against the majority.
I think pairing SLC Punk and Napoleon Dynamite for a double feature night would be the best way to make me feel melancholy.
I really wish I could tell you what Utah is like, now. SLC is actually really beautiful. I love the high desert. I don't like the fake happy plastic-y vibe the place seemed to exude when I was there years ago.

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On Controversial Opinions Post: The Moisturizer I Don't Like

Robanda's "Intensive Moisturizer Cream with Advanced Retinol Vitamin A For All Skin Types" is one of the few that I've ever used that doesn't make me feel like I've slathered mayo on my face. I have fairly oily skin, so this is pretty high praise and it makes my skin not feel so nice.

There are others that I like and use, but this was the best I ever used when I was in beauty school.

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On Faking It

@Rika You are welcome!

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On Faking It

Not all toner is created equal. Some people shouldn't use regular brand toners because of sensitive skin. I'd recommend a cucumber toner or a rose oil that you dab or spritz (don't rub) on at problem spots. Do this after the cleanse and exfoliation steps (if you do exfoliate and you have sensitive skin, don't do it very often and don't put it on sensitive parts of your face). And since you use BB cream you are moisturizing. So be sure you apply your BB cream directly after you've toned. It will calm your face down.

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On How to Deal with Weird Body Hair

Other than the usual weird hair suspect areas, I have one weird thick black hair that grows between the chin and the neck. And one that grows on the underside of my right breast. The one on my face is gradual the other just appears there as though by magic. TMI?
Tweeze and move on. That's all you can do. Unless you can afford electrolysis.

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On Who Do You Have Embarrassing Sex Dreams About? or, Alec Baldwin Did A Thing on Reddit

@Lucienne I haven't seen that movie, but I am going to put it on my list.

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On Who Do You Have Embarrassing Sex Dreams About? or, Alec Baldwin Did A Thing on Reddit

@StandardTuber It was Cocoon era Dennehy. That is when the weird dreams started.

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On Who Do You Have Embarrassing Sex Dreams About? or, Alec Baldwin Did A Thing on Reddit

Brian Dennehey.

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