On You're One in Eight Million

@juniper and @mae My boyfriend's little sister moved to Seattle a few months ago and I would love to set her up with you two. Is that weird? She's great. Loves whales, donuts, and good times. Is there a way we could do this?

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

You need to buy new bedding. I'm sure a lady who really likes you isn't really going to care, but just do it anyway. If you are really attached to your Spiderman comforter, you can always keep it and have it as a nap time / sofa blanket. You could ask a nice lady who you meet at Episcopal church / a cult to help you pick something new out. Or maybe that would be weird. Yeah maybe just ask a friend or go by yourself. Also, you could put your sports sounding people posters in frames to make them look a bit more grown up. Just some thoughts. Good luck with your new place!

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that maybe we are over thinking this one just a bit.

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

@Inspector Tiger I wish. My mother was concerned that my need to follow boy (who was named Ben -- WHAT) to college was at least partially Felicity driven though. On a somewhat related note, can we all talk about how Felicity ended? I still feel like I haven't found closure on that whole situation.

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

I have an overwhelming urge to tell you to not move to the new city. The amount you are thinking about him now is going to increase significantly when you move to new city. Plus there are lots of other great cities you could leave current city for. The tone of your letter just makes me think this is a bad idea. That being said, I once went to college across the country on a whim to follow a boy and the boy didn't work out but the college did. So what do I know.

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On Numbers About My Mother

This is beautiful. Never stop writing. Thank you so much.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: A Trip to the Cinema

I read something in cosmo or seventeen when I was in middle school about how sharing a razor is more dangerous when it comes to disease spreading than having unprotected sex. When I lived in a sorority house in college I didn't keep my razor in the showers with everyone else's because I was worried I was in the slutty sorority and assumed I would get leg herpes or something. I'm still weird about razors to this day.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: A Trip to the Cinema

@Prairie Dawn I believe the protocol is to see the movie multiple times while keeping it a secret from the original movie pact person. Then during the Oscars say something like, "The Help was such a stupid movie, I can't believe I saw it twice in the theater". To which movie pact person will say, "Wait, you saw it after we saw it?". Then you will accidentally say no and start nervous sweating/laughing/apologizing.

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On Adventures in Booty Holes: The Story of the Botched Colonic

@Christiana you called the poo hose lady a colon hydrotherapist...i spit out a little undigestible food dribble on my shirt after reading that.

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