On Workplace Mistakes and Greenerish Grasses

@LWone I'm so sorry that this happened to you - it is not something anyone should have to go through.

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On Workplace Mistakes and Greenerish Grasses

@adorable-eggplant For sure - there's only so much you can know from a little letter. I just wanted to point out that, as written, is raises some questions.

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On Workplace Mistakes and Greenerish Grasses

Is anyone else uncomfortable with LW1's "After he bought me many, many shots..." So - to sum up, a guy was pursuing you, you said no, and then later he got you drunk so you'd "let him put his hand up your skirt and take you home". "Huge mistake" is not the appropriate labeling of this...

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On People, Animals, and Inanimate Objects That Made Me Angry After My Rape

This is wonderful, thank you for sharing. Also, a good reminder why rape jokes are not funny - I wish more comedians/people would read more stories like this.

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On How Ya Been, Pin Pals?

Oh! Good - my pinpal has deserved a letter from me for like, a month. I will write when I get home!

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On Step Up: Revolution: More Than the Sum of Its Dance-Movie Parts

Oh my god, I loved this movie. Yes to all of the things you said, a million times. The scene in the art gallery was so cool and fun. This movie was seriously delightful. I had way more fun at this movie then, say, The Dark Knight Returns, because at least here I was expecting and willing to overlook the un-ending stupidity of the plot and script.

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On Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

Try Zum products. I LOVE THEM. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's a cool company and their stuff works wonders. www.indigowild.com

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On Fun New Rings

I never got the diamond thing. Even if you ignore the terrible human rights issues and the fact that their prices are entirely manufactured by the diamond industry, they're kinda boring. I mean, sure, they're shiny, but you can get the same effect with glass for pete's sake. Also, holy shit people spend a TON, in a country where almost everyone is strapped with debt do you really need to start a marriage spending thousands of dollars for a ring? My husband tracked down a really pretty Michigan Greenstone and had a friend set it with silver. It's awesome, personal, and I don't know how much he spent but it certainly wasn't more than $250.

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On Beauty Q&A: Makeup Brushes and the Pains of Being Appropriately Layered

Ok, I know this is about to sound insane, and trust me, I am not usually one for hippy alternatives to beauty products, but I've been washing my hair with a mild (very mild) shampoo bar and rinsing with vinegar for a year now and it's amazing. Seriously, I used to use Redkin because it was the only thing that would make my super dry hair behave, but a friend of mine begged me to try the soap and vinegar method and it works wonders. AND it's crazy cheap, especially since I was in the habit of spending 50 dollars on a bottle of shampoo before.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

@themegnapkin Oh, it's absolutely why the books have such appeal. My point is that makes her a terrible role model, since it's basically written as chaste porn for teenagers.

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