On The Cider Report

The cider in the fridge now is a 4-pack of cans from Seattle: Schilling & Co Oak Aged Cider. I can see Jim's taste for cider runs much more sweet than mine. I'd much rather not be reminded that I'm not drinking a good (if perhaps sour) beer.

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On The Cider Report

The one I've had that tastes most like champagne involved dissolving a 1/2 tsp of champagne yeast in a gallon jug of fresh apple cider and leaving it in a closet for a week or so--the longer it sits, the more brut the cider!

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On The Cider Report

I usually keep some ciders in the work fridge, since one of my employees is gluten free, but would still like to take part, with the rest of us, in beer o'clock. Besides the ne plus ultra of ciders, that being Woodchuck Smoked Cider, mentioned in an earlier comment, we've been enjoying the recent trend of bourbon barrel aging. A few brands are trying it, the only one that comes to mind at the moment is Sonoma Cider's Anvil Bourbon Cider, which, I gather, also includes some kind of "proprietary barrel-proof bourbon flavor". Whatever it is, it works! Anything to cut that dreadfully cloying cider sweetness.

Another worth seeking out is Bite Hard cider from the Boonville Cider House. Not bourbonized, but delightfully dry, as cider goes.

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On The Cider Report

Last year, Woodchuck had a limited release Smoked Apple Cider, whereby they had smoked the apple pomace (the dry leftovers from which the cider had been pressed), then filtered the cider through that pomace (or something to that effect), and ZZOMGG, delicious! I bought out every bottle I could find in the SF Bay Area, not long after I first tasted it. I hope SO MUCH that they do another batch soon, although a suitable substitute involves spiking some other cider with Islay malt scotch.

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