On POP ETC's Lovely "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston Cover

@dee Found the interview! http://pitchfork.com/news/46067-pop-etc-talk-name-change-new-album/

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On POP ETC's Lovely "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston Cover

@dee They explain why they changed their name on old Morning Benders site. http://www.themorningbenders.com/
I used to be like "OMG name change nooo" but I really like their new name and new direction now. As for why they picked POP ETC, I read an interview somewhere where Chris addressed it and it was basically because they really felt connected to pop music growing up; it influenced their lives so much so they wanted to create really good pop music now.
Or something like that.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: A Paper Giraffe and Some Old Dress

@olivebee Haha! I always do fast scroll too ;D

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On Plus, Your Husband Won't Help You Pay Them Off

@Toffamu so I am replying to myself like a weirdo, but I forgot to comment on the actual article. Good for Legal Eagle/Jenni Dye to call that loan servicing company out like that! I've had pretty bad phone experiences with everyone except the Federal Government (Direct Loans Services). Recently I haven't had to call any of my providers and I have been doing everything online, but at least Nelnet (one of my loan servicer) has a decent website. They even sent me a "happy birthday" email, although when I see it I was like "Eff you, we are not friends!"
(╯▼皿▼)╯︵ ┻━┻

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On Plus, Your Husband Won't Help You Pay Them Off

My perspective on what an average student loan amounts to is skewed thanks to my old school. I first moved to San Francisco to attend the Art Institute of California-SF. I was studying animation, but when my financial aid changed on my 3rd quarter, I couldn't get approved for a loan so I decided to leave that school because the cost was just too much. Even though my education was interrupted for a time, I feel lucky I didn't finish there (also, I realised I like watching animation more than I like making animation, oh ho!) And when I transfered to SF's City College, I couldn't even transfer any of the classes I took at AI because CA's higher ed system doesn't accept their accreditation. Grr.
Most of my friends who went there and graduated are looking at student loan debt that totals to a little over $100,000. All that for a creative arts degree. It's a scary, scary number.
I don't know how much med school or law school costs, but hot damn! That school is way too overpriced considering how few graduates seem to get a job in their desired field of study. One of my friends who graduated with a Video Game Art and Design degree has over $200K in loan debt because he didn't take a full course load and had to repeat a few courses. I think each class there is like… $800? When people like him would calmly tell me they failed a class, I wanted to cry for them.
Needless to say I'm super happy I am not there anymore. Moral of this story? Unless your parents/family can hook you up with many thousands of dollars for school, avoid for-profit schools like the plague.

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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@Beatrix Kiddo Ah, that does make sense, about the overbooking part! I didn't think of that. And I do wonder how they would make money off the vouchers, unless the tickets themselves are actually worth as much as we all pay them so somehow it all balances out overall? Well… I'm going to LA tomorrow morning, if my flight is delayed for some reason, hopefully I too can partake in the voucher funfest!

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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

Hmm… I may be naive due to my lack of international travel outside the US (not by choice! Hoping to finally go to Japan next year), but wow! Why were the flights overbooked so many times? I am know I am assuming here, but was it because it was an international flight? I have heard of people being offered vouchers to delay once, but dang, 3 days in a row!? Frequent fliers of the world, please enlighten me.

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On Finance 101: Credit Cards and the Holiday Nightmare

@Dancersize @Emma Peel thank you all so much! That is really helpful information. I am so glad I didn't cancel my card!
All of the offers have been pre-approved, so I think I'll wait until January before signing up for a better card (after doing research and comparing them all :D) I will check out the resources everyone posted too—thanks again everyone!

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On Finance 101: Credit Cards and the Holiday Nightmare

I have a random credit card question! So when I was 18, I foolishly made some mistakes with my first card. I finally paid it off when I was 21 and worked really hard for the next 3-4 years to fix my credit. So now I've finally fixed my credit enough to where I have a credit card again. This card was offered to me last year and about 6 months ago I signed up. But the problem is now I'm getting better card offers with rewards programs and higher balances. I want to sign up for the a card that gives me rewards (like miles or cash back) since my current card doesn't give me anything, but I heard closing a credit card can hurt your credit! I was thinking to get the new card with more benefits and then ignoring my old card, but I am also thinking that never using your card can also hurt your credit.
Does anyone know if my assumptions are true? Also, if anyone has any good credit resources/sites that are not out-dated and easy to understand, would you please let me know? It seems like understanding credit is a club only for cool kids, and I want to join!

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