I work in admin. It is extremely glamorous. Sometimes the glamour becomes too much for me, and I have to forcibly drive away from work and visit with the 'little people' in order to re-acclimate myself to the social realities I am surrounded by, yet hid from thanks to the endless glamour I am cloaked in, day and night. I make coffee and do payroll.

On Why Aren't We on OKCupid?

@WaityKatie I think it really depends on who's online, all it takes is one person to get you who you like. I said I didn't want kids (I've since changed my mind, but of my own accord). The kids thing was never an impediment, and probably would have only upset his mother (not my problem).

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On Why Aren't We on OKCupid?

I know I have mentioned this before, but I had a lot of luck with OKCupid. I joined on a Monday, and had a date with my now boyfriend of 4 years that Saturday. As others have mentioned, the key is to be honest on your profile. I am a fairly sarcastic person, and balk at profiles asking stupid questions, and have very little pride in my job (soon to be ex-job, thank god!). When I was filling out my profile way back when, I finally stopped pretending to be perky and just made jokes, and if they asked me something I didn't want to answer ("tell us something about you nobody knows" etc.) I just made a bunch of obvious nonsense up. I was frankly amazed that a large percentage of the men that responded had actually freaking read my profile. I hear horror stories about OKCupid, but believe me, it can work, and it brought such a wonderful person into my life...

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On The Gift That Keeps on Giving

@Heat Signature I loved doing this as well.

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On The Gift That Keeps on Giving

@missupright Oh this is news to me, I have to check it out. Then I will hold you, I promise!

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On Are You Allowed to Smile?

@Heat Signature that is exactly what I love about them. And why I chose my avatar mug shot. The existential fuck you we must occasionally sport to face adult life is strong in these ladies ;).

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On The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Mary Wesley is amazing. I am so sad she is not still around writing sexy, remote, vaugely classy british novels (with often terrible titles--'An Imaginative Experience' anyone?) about family issues and romance. 'Part of the Furniture' is the best book ever, and has a wonderful end line ;).

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On Are You Allowed to Smile?

@atipofthehat They had me at 'meat-juice.' LOL.

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On Are You Allowed to Smile?

@atipofthehat I honestly wish I were her. It is the best crime ever, the best mugshot, and her hair is fabulous.;) Also, it goes without saying that you're awesome, and I'm surprised anyone remembers me, as I comment like once every two weeks.....

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On Carter, John Carter.

This always makes me think of Veronica Mars....

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On Really Good Books About the Sea Being Terrible

@lil_bobbytables I logged in just to like your comment. And no, I don't, but my boyfriend and I have a plan for an entire nautical room/bar. We already have a model ship and a big gold plate with a ship on it--sort of like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93366112/vintage-embossed-ship-hanging-tin-plate

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