I love/hate my iPad. I do not understand how to upload a picture with the iPad. Surely there must be a way, yes? I love my pets, fruity beer, and vegetables. I hate tangled embroidery thread and getting apple skin stuck in between my teeth. One time I got a job and spoke with an English accent for a whole month. I don't think anyone really believed I was British, but they never called me on it which somehow makes it even more embarrassing.

On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Slap

i would like to point out that i elle oh elled at the fact that the movie you were watching was twilight. PERFECT.

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On PBS Food!

@werewolfbarmitzvah Awesome name- spooky, scary. I belong to a CSA. it's $450 up front which sounds insane, but comes out to $20/ week for a crap load of organic veggies grown a few miles from my home (local and organic, holler.) you have to cook a lot which can suck and isn't always realistic. The selection changes enough that I never once got sick of eating a certain vegetable. Eating organic meat and eggs is a must for me (eff you agribusiness what with your feeding of corn to everything that walks) or else I skip it all together. I keep it cheap by including lots of beans in my diet. It's a lot different than the american idea of big piece of meat, big pile of starch and tiny pile of something green, but you get used to it.

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On Women Laughing Alone With Salad

@MosDev Who needs friends when you have salad?! (I promise I had this name before I read this!)

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