The Polar Vortex Pie


Previously: Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2013

Ann Friedman lives in Los Angeles but is extremely empathetic.

Ann Friedman's Best Things of 2013

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The Kevin McAllister Pie


Previously: The Acceptance Pie

Ann Friedman is eating junk and watching rubbish.

The Acceptance Pie

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The Gratitude Pie


Previously: The Funny Girls Pie

Ann Friedman is busy both eating and drawing pie.

The Funny Girls Pie


Previously: The Rob Ford Pie

Ann Friedman is laughing at the ghost of Christopher Hitchens.

The Rob Ford Pie


Previously: The Baggage Pie

Ann Friedman probably made this pie chart in one of her drunken stupors.

The Baggage Pie


Previously: The Instant-Watch Pie

Ann Friedman is sniffing every article of clothing in her bag.

The Instant-Watch Pie

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The Hoarders Pie

Previously: The Treat Yo Self Pie READ MORE