The Get-On-Our-Level Pie


Previously: The Hobby Lobby Pie

Ann Friedman needs the GOP to understand where she's at.

The Hobby Lobby Pie

Ann Friedman is covered in glitter and shaking with rage. READ MORE

The "Reality" Filter Pie

Ann Friedman vows to start 'gramming photos of herself hunched over a laptop.

The Cups Pie

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The Harsh Mellow Pie


Previously: The Sedentary Pie

Ann Friedman is just high enough.

The Sedentary Pie

Previously: The Pushy Pie READ MORE

The Pushy Pie


Previously: The Stylish Housewife Pie

Ann Friedman is a humane editor with great ambitions.

The Stylish Housewife Pie


Previously: The Dad Vibes Pie

Ann Friedman does not have four children, a devoted husband, or a higher calling.

The Dad Vibes Pie


Previously: The Huge Mistake Pie

Ann Friedman owns three Steely albums on vinyl, which is really the only way to hear them.

The Huge Mistake Pie


Previously: The Confidence Pie

Ann Friedman will get back to you when she figures it out.