On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I was on the pill for about 3 years (starting age 20) until they suddenly told me that because I get migraines with aura I should never have been prescribed any kind of hormonal birth control and I should go off it immediately because it increased my risk of stroke. Sooo now I've had the non-hormone IUD for 4+ years and I basically love it; it did make my cramps worse for the first 2 years, but they were bad to start with, so it didn't really change my experience that much. The one big issue I had was I'd get cramps whenever anything happened to shake my body up-- stress, hangover, illness, rough sex-- like my uterus was going "while I have you on the line, WHY IS THIS HERE THIS IS WHERE I PUT BABIES GET IT OUT" but that hasn't happened in ages at this point. And I was Terrible at remembering to take the pill, so just not having to do that is great, and it was so expensive I felt like I should be having tons of sex to justify paying for the things. I haven't noticed much of a change in my mood or body-- I'm still pretty moody, so I guess that's just me, and although I went up a cup size when I first went on the pill that hasn't gone away or anything.

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On In Praise of Tori Amos

@Lady Humungus Agreed! Step the hell off my jam, NPR writer.

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On Teeth Dreams

I never have these dreams myself, although many of my friends do. Naked-in-public dreams, on the other hand, I am an expert at.
I heard somewhere that to our subconscious, teeth represent agency and independence (as well as being necessary to look socially acceptable), so if you're prone to teeth-falling-out dreams, it means that you're worried about losing your agency and independence (not that you're necessarily in danger of doing so in your current situation, but that it's something you fear in general.) Nakedness, on the other hand, represents the parts of yourself you don't usually share with others, so if you're naked at work in your dream and everyone's staring at you it says something different about your mental state than if you're just going about your dream life and suddenly realize you're naked but nobody has noticed or cared.
Also, GOOD NEWS!... I also heard (and gleefully choose to believe) that when you have a sex dream about someone you would NEVER want to actually have sex with it doesn't mean you're secretly attracted to them, but just that your subconscious wants to be closer to them/find out more about them. SO THAT'S ALL RIGHT THEN.
(Actually, I take it back... I did have a teeth-falling-out dream recently, but that's because I'm actually worried about some dental problems so I don't think it counts.)

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On For Two People, A Wedding Announcement

Yikes. #igiveitayear That poor baby.

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On Picture Books for Grownups: A Conversation With the Author of Are You My Boyfriend?

"Go the fuck to sleep" is DEFINITELY funnier for parents/caregivers. When you experience the situation the book is about, maybe it's natural and developmentally appropriate and not intended to torture you, but it can still feel like torture. The book is mean-spirited because you start to feel pretty mean-spirited, and it's nice to know you're not the only one who is internally swearing a blue streak and thinking "Hmm, I am starting to understand how someone might come to shake their baby" while you gently tuck them in for the sixth time.

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On Do This No. 5: Off-the-Registry Wedding Gifts That Keep on Giving

I never give off the registry-- I always, always give a teapot. Tea represents home, comfort and relaxation and it's ok if they end up with more than one teapot, so I find a beautiful vintage one or a really cool handmade one and do that. And the feedback I've gotten has been very positive.

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

@Valley Girl I've never read The Wilder Life, but I was thinking that as I read this post! Not only how delicious the food was, but also the sheer BOUNTY of it would be fascinating to someone who had extremely limited resources most of her life. It reads almost like porn.

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On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

I live in Chicago. Rahm Emmanuel is DEFINITELY a Slytherin, regardless of where you come down on the Hillary question.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

I am WAY too lazy to read all the comments and find if someone already said this, but it's true that high waist is in now, and the thing that makes "mom jeans" is less the waist and more the cut of the rest of the jean. High waist+"tapered"
or "straight leg"=momageddon. I too have a small waist and plenty of trunk junk, and I personally am all about high waisted "wide leg" jeans, which do not look mom-y (mommy?) and are comfy to boot. I am way too self conscious to plonk my badonkadonk on top of a pair of those newfangled "skinny" jeans, but if you are a braver woman than I that might be another option. Also, I don't know what kind of shirts you wear, but they're all pretty long nowadays, right? So chances are no-one can even tell how high the waist of your pants is until you fail to moon them. And if you're tucking, at least the shirt has a chance of staying tucked in.

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On Fantasies, Photography, and "My Best Friend's Boyfriend"

I realize that this is an old thread but ORGASM LADY! I also Never masturbated as a kid or teen, and did not become orgasmic right away when I became sexually active. The nice ladies at the clinic I go to said that orgasming is psycho/neurological, not mechanical, and there are circuits in your brain that actually have to learn to connect up before you can orgasm, even though nothing's wrong with your plumbing. Also, most women/people take much longer than two to five minutes. So basically, keeping at it is the only way to make those neural pathways grow. Also, Google is really really shitty for this kind of thing. Go to a sex-positive clinic of some sort and ask a real doctor/health worker.

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