On Getting Old Won't Stop Being the Worst

@OhMarie I'm a nurse, and taking care of dementia patients makes my heart hurt, every time. I'm sorry about your grandmother.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

@Heat Signature Did anyone else watch Judging Amy? The adoption scenes always seemed to coincide with there being a bunch of dust in my living room.

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On Current and Proposed DVR Recording Options for 'Law and Order: SVU'

@Nicole Cliffe Whaaaaaaat??

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Only YOU can prevent fecal-oral contamination!

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On 'The Feminist Porn Book': Celebrating XXX Fantasies Left Out of Mainstream Porn

@Countess Maritza The book of Victorian lesbian erotica I got as a joke Christmas gift one year is one of the best books I've ever received.

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On More Lego Friend Scenarios

@iceberg Lego tweens in Lego kitchen, one Lego tween making cookie dough because it's the only thing she knows how to make and it somehow impresses her Lego lesbian (Legsbian?) crush.

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On Friday Open Thread

I am entering week two of no shampoo, and I am... sort of indifferent to it? Other than feeling like a total hippie, of course. Anyone else doing no 'poo?

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On Friday Open Thread

@parallel-lines I went to a crappy nursing school, powered through it, and got hired before I even graduated. I took the licensing exam on Wednesday and just got notification that I passed!! Good luck. You got this!

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On Zinc and Liquor

Ever since Tipping the Velvet, oysters just make me think about lesbians.

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On "Savaging Primitives"

@Vicky If you're also into how/why/where things WILL (might) happen, I liked The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.

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