On The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

This is great! Thanks for putting in eloquent words why I've been feeling very STRANGE about the wedding industrial complex-- not just that it's consumerist, but that it supports patriarchy in such a subversive way. Great piece, and all because of a cell phone cover!

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On "Women Behave in Ways They Find Sanctioned in Stories Written by Men"

@Scandyhoovian I'm ever so excited at all you intelligent ladies for finally helping me make sense of my long-standing distate for that movie when by all accounts (and everyone I spoke to about it) I should have loved it and found him dreamy!

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On Carving a Jack O'Lantern Without Making Any Mess at All

@Megano! I was a Florida kid-- our pumpkins lived outside in the heat and putting your hand inside one was like squishing living guts. Gross!

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

Chiming in here to mention that "Christianity" is not one cohesive set of beliefs. There are many Christians that do not have these discussions. The term "Christian" has come to represent a set of moral values that are often not true for many actual Christians. It's a little bit sad to me that people see Christian and think: narrowminded, homophobic, self-righteous, purity-obsessed, inhibited. Many Christians strive to be loving to others and God, and nothing more. What was described in this article was not so much a Christian thing as a conservative and/or Southern thing that gets intertwined with religion.

Anecdotally: I started going to an Episcopal church at an impressionable age of 11 and in the last 13 years no person affiliated with the Episcopal church has ever said anything to me regarding my own personal sexuality. When and why I decided to have sex was my own choice, and to be sure, I prayed about it. Because I'm a Christian.

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On The $625 Apartment

Nobody move to Greenville, NC and ruin this!! I'm apartment hunting with my boyfriend: two bedroom duplexes, apartments, and freestanding houses for $550-$750-- total. Mere blocks from our university, some have yards. Insane cheap rent here, feeling lucky after reading all this! Our problem is not finding a place, it's picking a place...

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On Where Is Jane When You Need a Winter Body Wash?

@Roxanne Rholes What is blue shower oil?

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On Wishes

@lalaladododo @redheadedandcrazy @theeverpresentwordsnatcher Moms be drinking the crazy juice y'all! I do want kids someday. I'm 23 now though.... It's gonna be a hot minute, mom. My mom has been telling me that grand baby fever is genetically programmed. I just hope she didn't genetically program her crazy to me

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On Wishes

I'm so glad this was posted; it's lovely. It covered such a wide spectrum of holiday sentiment without being saccharine or cheeky. Thank you Jon and Claire!

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On Wishes

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher @redheadedandcrazy
My mom is 45 and already badgering me about giving her grandbabies. I mean, honestly. Everytime we have a conversation about it I knock on wood SO. HARD.

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On The Care and Keeping of Contacts

@Craftastrophies would be dead age!!! OMG between my terrible vision and MY own dead wisdom tooth I had removed a few weeks ago... I'D BE DEAD TOO!! I've never thought about that :)

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