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By Nutmeg on Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

I had a Mildly Attractive guy fall asleep on me on a plane once! I didn't know what to do so I blew on his head until he woke up? I don't know why that was more logical than "wake him up in a normal way"

The only airport crushes I get are on the Delta flight attendant announcing, "This overnight flight is extremely underbooked, so you can go ahead and find an empty row to sleep in if you want!"

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By Megasus on When to Buy a Plane Ticket

@xylophone If you can scrape together the money, I think you'll find it will be worth it. Spending your money on experiences tends to be more fulfilling than stuff.

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By collier on Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

@camanda : TOTALLY appalling. They're exclusively targeting label whores / collectors of cheap trendy crap now. I have *one* Coach bag, from like eight years ago? When they did the zebra-patterned gallery totes? Because oh god it is zebra, in white patent and kelly green and HOW COULD I NOT?

A related "remember when this brand used to be great?" : Rafe. I have two of their/his early Big Giant Awesome Totes, and love them sooooo much -- embellished, but not too embellished! No gold hardware! Functional designs in fun yet wearable colors! Now everything they have is awkward, wonky, covered with sparkly crap, and $750. Boo. And of course now I go look at their site and I actually found one I like. Uh oh.

Also - fun well-made leather things from a company who doesn't go batshit stamping their logo all over it like we should care? Furla.

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By datalass on Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

@frenz.lo I read an article about Reed Krakoff (the designer responsible for the new style of bags) and, in this piece, another designer characterized Coach as "Hermes for housewives." Withering!

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By Elle Destree@twitter on Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

Get rid of your Coach bags, seriously, they're revolting

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By hotdog on Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

What is UP with all these coach bag buyers? I just checked the website, and yes, they are all still hideous (minus the classic/vintage ones) and cost well over $300. Are you all taking fashion cues from my midwestern high school class??? I mean, someone had to say it, right? DISSENTING OPINION.

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By werewolfbarmitzvah on Skinny Jeans for Algernon

@ginalouise Here is where I admit that everywhere I go, I go in a pair of $9 Forever 21 jeggings. They look exactly like jeans in every way, pockets and zippers and all, except that they are absurdly comfortable and cost $9.

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By The Widow Muspratt on Skinny Jeans for Algernon

My calves are too big for most skinny jeans (and most boots), but that doesn't stop me from wearing them anyway. I just need to find some that go up to my belly button. What's with all this low rise crap?

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By angelinha on How's It Going?

@jacqueline Oh but PLEASE don't rotate away from the League of Extraordinary Ladies. At least not till winter ends. Please.

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By Jolie Kerr on How's It Going?

@Ellie Don't get me wrong, I love giving The Mothership a sound drubbing from time to time (sue me, I like laughing at Alex when he cries and it's funny when Choire storms around all angry-like), but you can't get mad at them for sounding "Gawkerlike" since, you know, they invented what you're thinking of when you think of Gawkerlike.

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