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On Mugs, Gems, and Steals: The Fate(s) of Human Sanity

Ah so I'm surfing anthro right now b/c of this article and I think maybe I'm either too pedestrian or my decor preferences lean too masculine because most of this furniture makes me think "I would probably hate the person who had this kind of thing, i.e. Zooey Deschanel" but I feel like ALL OF THESE FEELS when I go to Restoration Hardware. Like I want to just full my house with all the things but the sales people are so judgey and I got major side eye when we were shopping for a couch. SORRY MY DOG CHEWED THE BACK OF MY SHOES OK, YES THESE ARE GENUINE OLD NAVY JEANS.

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On Internet Homunculus

@Danzig! What. Rude.

TIL reading Reddit and Sin City means I have no empathy. Oh well, off to tell people to kill themselves!

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On Ten Days Alone In: Shanghai

Aaaah I love this one the best!!! I just found out there's a place in Austin that makes soup dumplings and am really excited.

Also how in the fuck can I get work to pay for me to go to China! My work sends me to Phoenix (which, CONDOLENCES IT IS THE WORST) and Silicon Valley. Speaking of, Hairpin, if you guys want to read "6 Days Alone In A Santa Clara Business Hotel Feeling Like A Weird Work Travel Ghost While Taking Network Training" just you LET ME KNOW.


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On A Month Alone In: India

I am just here because of the mention of Mumbai to tell you all to read Beyond the Beautiful Forevers because HOLY SHIT THAT BOOK IS SO FUCKING GOOD.

I mean, also because this is a good series but I am proselytizing.

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On Fatshion's Teeth

@editrickster oh y'all I got the most indispensable black dress from eloquii. Igigi has some great ones too, although you know, it's the ubiquitous polyester jersey type stuff.

It's just, fucking bullshit. I have a favorites list a mile long of sites that sell plus sized clothes because there's no easy way to find them, and you have to sift through miles of shit. I just can't believe how many fat women there are in this country and the general opinion is that it's fine to make them feel alienated, bad, and furtive about buying fucking CLOTHES.

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On Fatshion's Teeth

So many frustrating things. Besides fashion labels thinking I am not good enough for their clothes (FUCK YOU! I HAVE DISPOSABLE INCOME YOU FUCKING BIGOTS), I hate having to be like a sartorial goddamned MacGyver just to create outfits that are on-trend. AND the fact that there is a huge gaping black hole between 15-25 year olds (F21, Torrid) and Shit My Mom Thinks I Should Wear Like What Is Your Deal Mom I'm Only 34 (Eileen Fisher, Chico's)

Also I feel sad EVERY TIME I see those shitty poly giant print dolman sleeves Wallpaper Batman "tunics" that seem to be 90% of the shit out there (like some asshole cabal of designers were like "social stigma, being ignored, under promoted, blatantly discriminated against isn't good enough for us. Let's fucking FULLY humiliate these fat bitches for offending my eyes) because I always assume that the women who buy that stuff are just broken and defeated; like all "I guess I just have to put up with this, oh well" and it sucks ass.

Thank god for Asos Curve, y'all. But it's not fucking enough. We deserve more options. We are not goddamned monsters. Which is what it feels like when you're, oh, in any shopping mall in America. And forget about local boutiques.

Fuck it makes me so mad I am like trembling a little.

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@Tulletilsynet Or they're frequent flyers who get automatic upgrades because they basically spend their life at the airport. Or they use miles.

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@Didldidi Look it's not their fault that farting on an airplane is one of the most fun things to do ever.

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@wee_ramekin You are basically screwed even on intl flights if you fly an US airline. They might give you a tiny bottle of wine with dinner. This wine is ineffective. Foreign carriers will get you shitfaced though.

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On What You've Named Your Outlets For Maternal Feelings

Oh god, it almost makes me feel bad about naming my dog Charlie (well Bonnie Prince Charlie, technically) but his breed is already pretty goddamned rare in the States and I didn't want to give him a complex.

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