Feathers McGraw

Feathers McGraw

Was a preschool/kindergarten teacher, got fired for absolutely no discernible reason, and now am not quite sure what I am except at sea with all of this free (unemployed) time. Hatchie matchie!

On Ogdred Weary's Victorian Orgies

Looooove Gorey. My very first email address at the age of 15 or so was "thedoubtfulguest." I have almost all of the books, and had both a poster and a shirt (sadly, both lost) of the Tinies. Wish I still had the poster - it's not the type of thing one expects a chick with a dual master's degree in education to have up on her walls!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Slap

@Craftastrophies Yes, it is (sorry Guy DeBr0'd, but I think you're confusing the "No Poo" movement and the actual product, by one of the women who started the movement for curly-haired chicks about a decade ago). Here's a link to it, from the website I used to buy Deva products off of: http://www.aveyou.com/devacurlno-poo12floz.aspx

@Ellie Good luck! I'll be interested to hear in the results on a straight-haired lady. The only people I know who use Deva are chicks like myself with super duper curly hair. I can only imagine how greasy the No-Poo would make straight hair look when it made mine look terrible and lank!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Slap

@Ellie I've been a Deva user for about 6 years now, on and off. Lots of people swear by the No Poo but I just can't stand it. It stinks, it makes my scalp itch, and it weighs my otherwise unsinkable curls down. What I have done with MUCH more success is to just use the conditioner as a cleanser also. You can YouTube the DevaCurl method but the quick version I do is to just pour some on my fingertips, give my scalp a thorough massage, and work more into my hair, combing the tangles out with my fingers. I then put it up in a clip, rinse it out at the end of my shower, flip my hair upside down, scrunch the water out with a towel (microfibers really do work better for this) and put in my gel. It air-dries and I'm good to go. tl;dr - skip the No Poo, it sucks.

Also, my soul friggin' winces every time a grown adult uses the word "funner."

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On Let's All Make...

Okay, so I have been a faithful 'Pin reader for several months but it was this very thread that finally prompted me to register. This link has been a gift from above. I have been knitting for 6 years but have never progressed beyond scarves (I am extremely prolific at knitting scarves). Penguins have been my life's obsession since the age of 8. Day-glo penguin sweaters here I come.

P.S. Um, can anyone translate that pattern into something a little more comprehensible for the Queen of Scarves?

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