On I Will Not Soak It In

@Sara Gaddis@facebook you must be so much fun at parties!

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On OC/Gossip Girl Romantic Pairings, Ranked


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On 18 Brides in a Year

Oh man, this is just perfect. I got married a little over a year ago, despite never caring much for it, mostly cause I just had a baby & it was very important to my partner. Despite refusing most of the outward markings like rings/ceremonies/namechanges (I'd die before I gave up my name - my son has my middle & last name also #misandry) I find myself deeply uncomfortable with participating at all, and disappointed in myself I couldn't hold my ground. Then the tax returns get here & I feel so much better. CREAM.

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On Are You a Grown Woman? An Informal Survey

Grown Ass Woman (or G.A.W. because I use it so much) is my primary self identifier, before mother, wife, human, activist, witch, etc. It's a great little empowering fuck you to a society that wants to define me solely by my relationships to men, for me. And it's so goddamn satisfying to use in a heated argument!

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On December 13th Now and Forever to Be Known as Beyday, a Celebration of Excellence, Surprises and Grown-Ass Women

Fuck a Yeezus, Beysus has arrived. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

Also, using "son" as a verb, forever and ever amen.

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On "Smile, Girl"

I have a sweatshirt that says DONT TELL ME TO SMILE in big block letters, and I always feel like such a badass, except of course it just makes people catcall ya more :/

If something's particularly egregious, I always fall back on your-mother-would-be-ashamed. Everybody's got a mama!

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On "A government which uses force to maintain its rule teaches the oppressed to use force to oppose it"

Word. It's been kinda fun but again enraging to watch conservatives tie themselves into knots praising a man they obviously so thoroughly despised. I think a lot of people are doing really good work today preventing Madiba's legacy from being entirely whitewashed, also.

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On "Government Spending," a Poem by Patricia Lockwood

I know a single, solitary thing about poetry and it is that Patricia Lockwood is great.

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On In Four Years, Man Arrested 62 Times For Trespassing (In The Convenience Store Where He Works)

Yes, correct, burn it all the fuck down and let's start over. Because ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!???

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On Trading In, Trading Up: Substitutions for the Sexiest Man of 2013

@hungrybee CORRECT.

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