Of all the times - If choose I may - It's to ramble in the new mown hay

On When to Put Up Lace Curtains

Quiet Changeling, with her painty hair and unbridled enthusiasm for David Attenborough.

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On Hair Day

This was amazing.
Also, I just gotta say it - his name is Ludo! Sorry to shatter the illusion!

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On Nothing Left to Do But Get Papercuts

My tiny paper cranes are the shit.

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On Assumptions

If, on my way home, a firetruck overtakes me, my house has already probably burned to the ground.

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On The Sweater

Seriously. What.

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On Friday Open Thread

@l'esprit de l'escalier
Things are mostly good here, been trying to get my crap together and write to you, but I always get distracted by sewing. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

Paragard here, and insertion for me was definitely uncomfortable, but a fairly short pain. I've probably felt worse from stubbing my toe really hard. Harsh cramps the rest of the day, but then things were pretty normal. Heavier flow/worse cramps for the next 3 periods or so, and now it's all evened out.
I think my strings are long/mid-length, and I check them whenever I remember, which is about once a month in the shower, but I don't worry about it. My boyfriend says he feels them sometimes, but they don't hurt him. They mostly hang out all curled up kind of behind my cervix. And even though they're sort of long, I haven't had any trouble using a menstrual cup.

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On Friday Open Thread

Holy crap, I just went to put a rubber band around a bag and it snapped RIGHT INTO MY EYE. Sir Changeling thought I was dying/had sliced off a finger from the way I was doubled over and shouting profanities, but GOD DAMN THAT HURT.

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On Friday Open Thread

This week I made my own wallet pattern, because a friend requested a custom wallet. And he was my first etsy sale! Woo! Now I need to make more wallets to have an etsy inventory.

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On Friday Open Thread

I just started taking melatonin a month ago, and I find it very nice. I usually get to sleep faster, and in the morning my body seems to think it's time to get up (compare this to my previous habit of sleeping until I couldn't possibly sleep any more, but that was mostly depression).

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