Of all the times - If choose I may - It's to ramble in the new mown hay

By PistolPackinMama on Some Bloody Marys of Brooklyn

@The Lady of Shalott My insufficiently feminine muscles and I would appreciate it if the editorial staff would read their advertorial content carefully before posting it. I appreciate y'all have to make income, I really do. But you should know that scientifically suspect, body-shaming content isn't going to fly with your readership as it is now formed.

No amount of pilates will turn me into a Balanchine-dancer-bodied sylph, ever. But I would bet the profits of that ad-article that I could leg press two of the fetishized bodies that it describes.

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By PatatasBravas on Confessions of a Yukon Arm Wrestling Champion, Women's Division

Nadine Sander-Green of Tarth?

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By Bootsandcats on "The only reason I'm on here is to plug my hamburger blog": Dudes on OkCupid

I think the "girl who looks like a bag of money" might be a quote from this. (NSFW) http://oglaf.com/reward/

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By jonacon on When to Tell Someone They Might Be Gross

OMG, perfect opportunity for a rom com moment, like you get him all gussied up and help him achieve his goals and in the end y'all fall for each other! Everybody vomits happily and it gets put on ABCfamily!

Jk obvs

Possibly he isn't aware of being a smelly bro. Even considering myself a fairly self aware male bodied person it is difficult to conceit that I'm getting smellier with age.

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By Ophelia on Potential Future Content

@martinipie OMG #13. Why did we all do that??

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By purefog on Potential Future Content

Where are they now? [senior moment; "the facebook troll"]

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By SarahDances on Potential Future Content

@martinipie See, my 90's mini backpack only contained a LipSmackers Vanilla Frosting gloss, and about 20 plastic frogs. And their sand-filled snake buddies.

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By parallel-lines on Potential Future Content

Friday Open Bread (a loaf of rye cut in half)

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By martinipie on Potential Future Content

17 things I had in my backpack in the 90s (yes, I am a baby, I am aware): 1. Tinkerbell lipstick
2. a cheap metal ring with a sparkly pompom on it
3. puffy stickers
4. Pogs
5. one Barbie shoe
6. Batman action figure
7. wadded tissues because Mom always had them in her purse so I clearly had to have them too
8. Magic Treehouse book
9. Trapper Keeper with a horse on it
10. Marbled Mead notebook with schoolwork in the front, a fake diary of a mystery-solving adventuress in the back
11. Weirdly hard and poorly-functioning erasers shaped like daisies
12. Pink Lemonade Lip Smacker
13. Keychain with no keys on it, just other keychains
14. Broken plastic ruler
15. Latest Scholastic Book Order form, everything I want circled though Mom will only order 5 at a time
16. Something made with either Fuse Beads, Shrinky Dinks, or Fimo at after-school care
17. Uneaten fruit leather

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By cosmia on New Old Wives' Tales

If you stick an unbent paper clip into the HDMI port on your TV, then press 5, 8, 2, 7 on your remote, you can watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones simultaneously on Sunday nights at 9.

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