On Ridden By the Hag: My Sleep Paralysis Visitors

I've had sleep paralysis only once in my life. I must have been about 10 or 12, because my sister and I still shared a room. We had bunk beds and I was on the bottom. I awoke from a nightmare about a haunted mask. Lying flat on my back, I saw that very mask floating in the slats of the bed above me. Grinning. Evil. Surely about to devour me. I tried to jump out of bed and couldn't move so much as a finger. I tried to call out to my sister, and though my mouth was open, I couldn't make more than a soft "Ah, ah" sound. I remember a tear sliding out the side of my eye. I couldn't wipe it away. Eventually I woke up for real and spent the rest of the night on the floor. It wasn't until years later that I learned what sleep paralysis actually is. It lessened the horror of the whole ordeal just slightly...

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On The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

Some guy snatched my purse/laptop bag while I was waiting for the bus last month. I chased him (in a dress and flip flops) for a full block, screaming every foul word I knew, before he jumped in his car and took off. Couldn't even get the license plate because he turned too quickly. But I'm with you--the "what could have happened" stuff scares me too bad to even think about!

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

I was named "Emma" for my great-grandmother as well! (Actually, I was named for two of them--both my parents had a grandma named Emma.) I feel your pain :)

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

This is so far down this list I doubt that it'll be seen, but here's my two sense for #1. If you do decide to break up, make sure he knows that it isn't because he's depressed; it's because he refuses to do anything about it. To take care of himself, and by extension, your relationship.

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On Our Pregnant Week

I don't know how to express my love for this vignette beyond what's already been said: it's beautiful, wonderfully honest, moving. Now I'm awkwardly half-crying at work. Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope the next time around (if you choose to have a next time) isn't a repeat event.

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On Unfollowback Girl

There are websites that show you who has recently unfollowed you. who.unfollowed.me is one that I've used.

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On Racist Girlfriends, Plush Closets, and Sufficient Queerness

To the second letter-writer (bi 19-year-old). As a bi chick who only came out (to herself, and everyone around her) AFTER starting a serious LTR with a boy, I definitely get where you're coming from. Sometimes, I feel like I don't belong in the LGBT community either, as my only experience with girls is making out with them and one half-assed tryst that I cut short because I was actually already dating the LTR boy. (For the record, that was four years ago, he knows, he forgave me, we're over it.)

I think it's common for bisexuals to feel marginalized by both sides of society; heteros want to tell us we're really one or the other, and homos get mad when we date heterosexually because we can "pretend to be straight." But here's the thing. We are not straight.

I agree with A Queer Chick. If you have heart/vagina feelings for boys, go for it! Maybe tell him that you like girls, too, and get another chick involved. The bf and I talk doing that all the time, and if we find the right girl, we will act on it. It's one of the biggest perks of being bi, if you ask me :)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Jacuzzi Jets, Shoe Polish Stains, and Glass Pipes

Jolie, I know you love OxyClean, and I can't believe you didn't mention it in the glass pipe cleaning methodology! Just sprinkle a bit of OxyClean into a bowl or cup, fill with hot water, drop your pipe in and let it soak for an hour. Rinse, then repeat as necessary. Soooo easy.

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