On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the fact that this is a sad imitation of Meghan Daum's writing.

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On Qreamed Quorn

@no way I'm sorry :( I find it useful when you're considering both vegetarian siblings and the actual contents of cheap ground beef* (*horse)

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On Qreamed Quorn

Don't let this put you off Quorn - it makes perfectly decent vegetarian chili...

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On Another Reason to Hide Under Dan Stevens' Bed

@Sarah H. It's the BBC adaptation of the novel The Line of Beauty, about gay men in 1980s London. If you enjoy close-ups of Dan Stevens' crotch as he's standing in an antique shop, GO FOR IT.

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On Another Reason to Hide Under Dan Stevens' Bed

I just watched this! I had to hide behind my hands for any parts involving Cousin Matthew applying lube. Now I'm DYING for an adaptation of The Stranger's Child.

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On The Best Time I Met Bill Clinton

Lindsay, did you ever get the film developed? Maybe the picture could be salvaged in Photoshop?

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On RIP, Nora Ephron

Heartburn still feels really, really fresh. You completely forget it was written in 1983 until something crazy happens like a plane flight where you just get on and buy your ticket on board.

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On Happy Day After Valentine's Day

@New Hoarder I LOVED My Sergei too! Definitely time for a film version. Rachel McAdams as Gordeeva. BOOM.

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On Robyn on SNL

I just want to tell her that she looks so pretty with her hair up in a quiff and that bangs don't suit her face...but then I remember that SHE'S ROBYN and I am a mere mortal.

PS: THE ROLL http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln4b5sUIss1qldhuso1_500.gif

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On Robyn on SNL

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