On "Penis, Penis, PENIS!": The Legend of Nancy Silberkleit

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Not sure what the quote in this article is referencing, but there is a modified (i.e., stricter) test to establish a prima facie case of "reverse" discrimination under Title VII - “when a plaintiff is a member of a ‘majority’ – for instance, a male plaintiff alleging gender discrimination – . . . he must set out ‘background circumstances’ that show that the employer discriminates against the majority, or he must show there is something ‘fishy’ going on.” Farr v. St. Francis Hosp., 570 F.3d 829 (7th Cir. 2009).

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On Friday Open Thread

@MrsTeacherFace Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Short blonde wig, dress, knife. Done.

ETA: Sorry for the ridiculous amount of exclamation points. I have been wanting to do that costume for a long time. Also your SO could wear a devil costume (or just devil horns) if you wanted it to be a super easy couple costume.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Seconded, I work in a pretty conservative environment and I am all about wool dresses in the fall and winter. It always looks polished but is also comfortable and easy. You just have to make peace with the idea of dry cleaning (if you aren't at peace with it already).

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On Friday Open Thread

@cabber I highly recommend Smitten Kitchen's short ribs bourguignon if you are in a short rib kind of mood. In a similar vein, the braised oxtail recipe from Ad Hoc at Home is great.

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On Friday Open Thread

@professionalmess Always tip on the full price. Where I live, tipping 20% is customary (excluding any products they foist on you), but that could vary based on location. (Asking is a good idea.) And don't forget like 5 bucks for the assistant who shampoos you, if that's a thing at your salon.

Oh AND, some salons only take cash tips, which is annoying but can't be helped. So bring cash!

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On Friday Open Thread

@harebell This is probably going to sound really dumb and obvious, but can you swing hiring someone to clean for you sometimes, to break it up? Not having to clean the turlet incessantly is SO WORTH skipping one or two dinners out a month.

Alternatively, I also second the suggestions re cool jamz and wine.

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On Friday Open Thread

@just reading in a boat no big deal Embrace the purge! Nothing wrong with trying to sell things, but I personally am a big fan of giving everything to Goodwill (or similar). It is super easy (you can also have them come to you to pick up things), and you can feel good about giving stuff to charity. And towards the end of the move, I typically just give up all guilt and straight up throw shit away. It's quite freeing.

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On Get This Look: Sports!

@[sic] Hahaha. I was going to say they would be hot in another color, but as-is they look like a huge period stain.

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On Friday Open Thread

@supernintendochalmers Super Black! (http://superblacklacquers.com/.) I'm partial because it is owned by amazing internet comic artist Natalie Dee -- but also, the quality is legit great.

(Oh, and the Julep subscription service is fun and totally addictive.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@funfetti Cliche maybe but I like Astrud Gilberto for poolside lounging.

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