By SuperGogo on Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@Leon Tchotchke In Mary Roach's Bonk (which I highly, highly recommend along with all of Roach's books but especially that one), she discusses how sexual studies have suggested that as many as 50% of ladies can't get there in that manner. 50%! I think that's a hugely unknown fact to men and women alike and EVERYONE would benefit from that being greater common knowledge.

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By maybe partying will help on The Perils of Money Fiction

@Leon Tchotchke, Scandyhoovian

I feel like even us optimistic entitled Millennials don't have many illusions about writing being the road to wealth and acclaim. Most people I know who write do it because they want to, and generally aren't het up about becoming the next Stephenie Meyer or whatnot. There are so many new options for publishing and getting your work out there that it seems more within grasp to do it all yourself.

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By Scandyhoovian on The Perils of Money Fiction

I feel like most people who want to write at least KNOW this, though. Everyone I know (myself included) who wants to write isn't doing it for fame and money. They're doing it 'cause they're full of stories, and they're doing it in their off time from their "real world" jobs that pay the bills and buy the food.

I mean, we'd all love to strike it rich and live like J.K. Rowling, but I think most of those of us who want to write for a living know that we're most likely going to be doing it as a supplementary income, not a primary one.

Also, as much as I loved academic life, I know I wouldn't want it to be my career, either. So I'm doing that "business day, writer night" thing...

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By iceberg on Dads

@Leon Tchotchke my dad bought my 2 year old nephew a giant clangy "ship's captain's" bell.

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By Gertrude on Talking to Ghosts on Cell Phones



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By dabbyfanny on Have You Seen My Paintings

@Leon Tchotchke dude! I met Vito Acconci! I was hanging out in the back of the sculpture department with my dress hiked up, sunning my legs, thanking god for being an academic on summer break, and my boss walks around the corner with a wrinkly dude - Vito! I about fell off my chair, and as I shook his right hand, all I could think of was Seed Bed.

This wasn't very relevant to your post, but any excuse to brag, you know?

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By H.E. Ladypants on Make (Pleasant) Eye Contact

@The Lady of Shalott I crashed into a skaterboarder on my way to work a while back. He was skateboarding the wrong way down the bike lane and we did one of those things where you both try to avoid each other but comically each end up going in the same direction.

It wasn't a bad crash as we'd both slowed down but the kid was pretty frenzied about making sure I was okay, as I'd toppled off a bike. It ended with him saying, "Can I get a hug? Is that okay? Can we just hug?"

So, I hugged him right there on the side of the bike lane and then we went our seperate ways.

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By H.E. Ladypants on Your Next Failed Diet

@Leon Tchotchke I lost 60 pounds a while back and people still bug me on how I did it.

I say eating healthy foods and lots of exercise and it amazes me how few people believe me. :/

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By Faintly Macabre on Your Next Failed Diet

@Leon Tchotchke What if I just eat a lot of protein powder? Protein makes muscle, muscle burns extra calories, therefore pouring Muscle Powder down my throat will make me skinny!

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By melis on Not Chasing Amy


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