On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings

Wow. I am /have been feeling this for a while now (2 years, almost?). Part of me wants to move back... but it's not the same, and I have to power through. I've been trying to cure this with seaweed salad, and breadsticks from work. I want that feeling HERE. Why are some places instantly "home" and others aren't?

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On Friday Open Thread

@christonacracker This is probably very unhelpful, but one time my kitty went missing in the beginning of the summer (Juneish?) and we thought she was gone forever. The worst part is, we were at my Gramma's house, so we had to leave without her :( We went back to visit for the holidays, and on Christmas evening, she came meowing at the door! :)
She had a history of wandering (she was found with her brother as a babykitten in the wild) but she never ran away again after that.
She was with us for 17 years. I miss that girl. She was a bad ass.
I have faith your kitty will turn up! She knows where her real home is. <3

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On Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not for the Music They Introduced Me To

@Princess Slayer Welp, at least I'm not alone. But I didn't know they could do that! Out of left field. I am a lot more cautious now (read: alone. wahhh /cries/). BOYS amirite

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On Boston News

@whizz_dumb I mean that I think this country is a bit "every man for himself" and there's a severe lack of psychological support (and counseling has quite a bit of stigma attached as well). I absolutely think there could be much more done to prevent these types of situations. This didn't come out of nowhere, there were definitely signs of...I'm not sure. Stress? Trauma? Anger?... before the bombings. People don't become this way randomly.
In addition, I think there's a fine line of compassion and justice that needs to be walked in these situations, and I think that it's very tough to figure out what is correct. I think we could stand to react with a bit less knee-jerk "I'mma kill you!" reactions, and try to be proactive and thoughtful in our response. I really believe we can change how things are now, but we need to change how we react to them first. I doubt it will happen any time soon though. Sigh.

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On Boston News

My sister and I feel so sad that his brother was killed. I know, they're violent criminals, but what must have happened to them to make them end up this way? I can't even imagine losing a sibling, no matter the circumstances. We are really failing everyone in this country, we need to have better support for everyone.

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On Boston Pinners and Non-Pinners, Be Safe

I was at work, about 2 blocks down the road from this. It was... it took a while to sink in, what was happening, and then it was super odd to be serving people coffee while that was happening right down the street.
I was walking around there today. You can't even get close, and it's so, so eerily quiet. There are hardly any cars so there are people just wandering the street, like an apocalypse.
I've only lived here a little over a year and a half, but this is the first city that I feel like is mine. I have so much loyalty toward it and the people are so hardworking and earnest-- I love it.
I am just more baffled than anything, why target Boston? It still doesn't even seem real.
So much love to everyone.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

This makes me want to go hug my mom. I'm not adopted, but the love of a mother is the same! And I got lucky with mine, too-- there has never ever been even a fraction of a second where I doubted her universe-filling love for us. She's not perfect but she's darn good :)
Yay moms!

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On Nasty Boys

HARK A VAGRANT is the best. No, really. Kate Beaton, I have a request for you to do more history panels and/or Nancy Drew cover illustrations. I'm actually in love with them. Thank youuuu

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On When You're at Singles Yoga...

YES to "I've Been Thinking", it's genius. Also YES to many Fiona Apple songs. My contribution:

"Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" by Father John Misty.
"6 Underground" by Sneaker Pimps.
"Rapture" by Iio.
many songs by Lana del Rey (DON'T JUDGE ME) especially "Diet Mtn Dew", "Trash", "You Can Be The Boss". Just TRY to tell me those songs aren't haunting and sexy.

These are some of the sexiest songs ever, IMO

Disclosure: I am not picky to what I make out to. I have made out to Family Guy playing on the TV before.

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On What Could One Make With the Wrappers?

I like sweet tarts, they're okay (not great) but SKITTLES ARE HORRIBLE. Thank you. Everyone says I'm crazy when I tell them I don't like them.

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