On Hiking the Tetons

You are hilarious, thank you for writing this!

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On House of Baby Spice Cards

Freshly grateful we're experiencing a crop top renaissance.

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On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

I feel like figuring out some version of this re: jealousy was probably the most important event of my mid-20s.

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On Alone in Bali

I really enjoyed Seating Arrangements, and this interview is so great. Thanks Maggie!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frenz.lo Dude that sounds rough as hell, BUT have fun at Leonard Cohen, don't think about the money, and thank you thank you thank you for fostering animals! You will have a great vacation. Should you ever make it out of Lost Creek. Just kidding, but what a name!

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On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

@Nicole Cliffe (Also that there have ALWAYS been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm but I'm stopping after this. Aaaaaaa. Cold Comfort Faaarm.)

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On 'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

I just need everyone to know that I saw something nasty in the woodshed.

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@PatatasBravas Like I said, I go back and forth on Sugar. I was looking forward to reading Wild. I wanted to be a little emotionally jerked around by it. And I just felt NOTHING reading it! It wasn't boring exactly, just flat. I'm always surprised when people recommend it, because whatever people love about it completely missed me. And not just like, oh, I can see how this would work for someone, but it's not my taste. Like, nothing at all.

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@MilesofMountains Oh honey baby. Oh my sweet slice of scrumptious shoofly pie. You gotta dig down deep in the rich, wet earth, deeper than you think you can, til you come up clutching something precious, something you won't want anyone else to see, something you can't bear to part with. And then you have to give that thing away. Without flinching. With a filthy, tarnished bravery you only just found.

I go back and forth on Sugar, but I know what you mean.

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On Tonight's Full Moon

I think it's not just a full moon but a MONSTER moon?? I mean it has "monster" in its name, you don't have to believe in astrology to be scared of that. But you also do have to believe in astrology, because. Because because.

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