On Talking to Molly Caro May About Moving to Montana to Live in a Yurt She Built Herself

The Gallatin Valley is awesome.

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On What’s Essential: A Conversation with Nona Willis Aronowitz About Her Late Mother’s Work

Followed the link to "Coming Down Again." Smart, timeless and revealing.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

Ugh. Perhaps the familiar "juicebox" moniker can be replaced with "Roosh-bag." As a normal man, I find this human and his "tactics" offensive and repellant.

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On I Just Wanted to Fly Solo: A Night at the Sugar Ray Festival

A great read. As is typical, the comments are smart, honest and insightful. This is a good gut check for any male trying to mitigate the influence of deeply seated sexism in all of its various forms. I would hazard a guess casual sexism is but one of the clumsy attitudes these "dudebros" express.

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On An Interview With Jessica Valenti

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On Don't Watch Memento, and Other Tattoos

Love the last one. The Chinese character for " Regret". Brilliant!

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On Jordan Roberts, What's Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

Is it just me, or did y'all miss what the "accessories" are in the glasses case? One would think he would put his sunglasses in there ;-).

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On What Old Book Do I Read If … ?

Whole thread is providing an undergrad Victorian Novels flashback.....for my money "Tess."

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On Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part Two)

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On Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One)

@WaityKatie touche

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