On The Best Time I Had Bed Bugs While Housesitting For Someone Else

Oh god. The worst part of bed bugs is the uncertainty that they're ever truly gone. Maybe the exterminator missed a spot, maybe the found a hiding place? Is that a mosquito bite? Did one of my roommates recently eat something with sesame seeds on it?

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

I don't have a lot of time and am planning on reading this article later, but I just wanted to say "Aw man, that was your piece in The New Yorker?" it was so funny and so true and made my chortle at my desk.

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

@Gef the Talking Mongoose One of my favorite books, THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT, a collection of upstate new york ghost stories from the 1950's, includes this passage:

"One American of Italian origin tells of a woodsman he knew who saw a ghost bulldog once, with the face and mustache of a friend of his who had recently been killed nearby."

But if you are at all interested in lots of quirky supernatural happenings, I can't recommend this book enough.

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On The Cider Report

Fun fact: Johnny Appleseed would have planted those orchard of apple trees to make cider because if you plant an apple tree from a seed you're most likely not going to have tasty apples. (You have to graft apple trees in order to reproduce apples of a certain flavor). In America, it was only during the time of prohibition when people really started to eat apples instead of drink them.

So to answer your rhetorical question: he planted all of those trees to make booze.

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On How to Make a Successful TV Drama

I was just about to say that this so fits "The Returned." Also, I want Lena's hair.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

@Linette I figured that it's because it's not gimmicky and doesn't believe in it's own hipness like McSweeneys and N+1.

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On Johnny Weir's Sochi Looks

I just really want to know how he did that coronet braid. That is all.

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On 12 Books to Creep Yourself Out With

While I love Kelly Link (and I do, I do) I think that you're better off reading her creepy to the point of sleeplessness "The Specialist's Hat" as it is one of her best stories every. And creepy as all get out. Here's a link: http://www.kellylink.net/fiction/link-specialist.htm

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@kate.m The logic of the opposition is that the government should not be able to force people to purchase a service they feel that they don't need. It's an individual's right to be able to save money by not having health insurance and relying upon not getting sick or injured. Other forms of insurance are entirely voluntary, for instance while everyone who owns a car needs to have car insurance, not everyone wants to own a car or drive. Car insurance can be avoided. The individual mandate however, cannot (unless you fall into a high number of exceptions!), and thus the tea party GOP sees it as infringing upon their rights.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@nina! I wonder how they are defining "first two hours" because I had checked at 12:20 last night and the exchange wasn't up yet.

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