On How Do You Get Shit Done?

I have been a focused laser beam on productivity lately (say, the past year). My favorite tool is the Emergent Task Planner by David Seah. Seah also has a blog I think, but I just bought the planner. IT IS SO PERFECT. It breaks out the day in 15 minute increments- which is also useful for my work, which bills by the hour. I have tried the Getting Things Done method and it's bit too involved for me.

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On Mo'ne Davis is Your New Child Hero

This is a good place to make a shout out to Jackie Mitchell, a female AA pitcher who struck out both BABE RUTH and LOU GEHRIG just moments before MLB banned women from playing! (The ban lasted all the way until 1992!)

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On X-Files Red, Not Lohan Red: A Haircut Trauma

@commanderbanana Have you seen her in Bleak House?!?! Fan fucking tastic.

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On Get These White Boys Out My Children's Books

@Iam Oranjello@facebook Also the classic Corduroy by Don Freeman.

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On The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

@LaLoba I grew up with a daily housekeeper. She would watch us kids, clean the house, and cook dinner. When I moved off to college, I was the cleanest and cookingest of all of my other roommates. I don't know if it was because I was accustomed to living in a tidy environment or what. But I had the skillz even though I grew up in that environment.

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

@ghechr I don't know! I suppose that it is a function of time because your teeny baby will very soon begin to act more independently and his needs will change. It is also a function of your personality and the child's. And, in my experience, being a parent is nerve wracking because you've never done it before and you really don't want to mess anything up and newborns seem to be so fragile. So, I guess, give yourself time, try new things, and see what works. I'm also no expert here, I only have 1 kid who is just 13 months old!

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

My mom is a doctor (now retired) and she told me that when she and my dad and 2 sisters (I wasn't born yet) moved into their Washington DC suburban house, she was the ONLY woman in our neighborhood who worked outside of the home. This was in 1978. She was often concern-trolled by other women in the neighborhood that she was not providing enough motherly attention because she was working, which is ridiculous. Unfortunately, as I am a working mom now, I STILL SEE THE SAME SHIT: fearmongering about day care and attachment parenting and elimination communication and DIY such-and-such and god knows what else. My son is doing just fine, thank you!

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@Heather Funk I loved the Kate character in Rules of Civility! Kate was very... direct and cut through the crap people kept trying to feed her.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

Has anyone read The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles? I thought the lead female character was written very well and convincingly, without the reliance on the tropes mentioned above. After I read it, I was surprised to discover that the author is male.

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On Solution: Deal With It

@Megasus That is how I would interpret the results.

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