On Finally, A Wine Just for Cats


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On You're One in Eight Million

Do dudes ever go to Hairpin meetups? As a gay dude new to NYC, I've done the Meetup.com thing a little and have met other gay dudes, but my bosom friends have tended to be ladies. Would I be the only dude at a Hairpin meetup? Would anyone care?

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On The Marriage Pie

@fondue with cheddar I FORGOT ALL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO SHARE MY USAA MEMBERSHIP. So technically that's in my boyfriend's pie, not mine, but seriously.

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On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

Well, I just learned a new phrase AND got to look at my computer screen in abject horror for a moment.

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On Video Game Valentines

@Jennifer Culp Yes, clearly the most attractive man in DA2, and there I am, stuck with the terrorist cat fancier.

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On Getting Guns

I think this sort of article obfuscates a lot of basic information. Women's interest may be "surging" and a majority of gun sellers may say they think women's interest or business has increased, but these are all _relative_ increases, with no comparison data for men provided.

The reality is that men are 4 times as likely as women to own guns (45% of men are gun owners, 11% of women), according to this article:

The "women should be happy to have guns to protect themselves" stats were also neatly dissected by this Mother Jones piece (see myth #7):

Certainly I think women (and men, for that matter) can benefit from learning to handle firearms safely, and some of the activities/organizations mentioned in this article can help with that. But the lack of good data in this piece bothered me.

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On Like a (Book) Virgin

@When robot unicorns attack I really loved Speaker for the Dead, so I would totally agree with some Orson Scott Card. You know, just those couple of books, not the later ones or the other weird stuff he writes.

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On Like a (Book) Virgin

It is so not-a-literary-giant of me, but when I see people reading The Hunger Games I wonder if it's their first time. Then I get jealous because of how much I couldn't put that book down when I first read it, and I love that feeling.

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On Shared Spaces, Lie-Measurement, and the Manageable Hassle

@LaLoba I'm sure some people feel the same way about people who order takeout, pay for wash and fold laundry, have groceries delivered, or fail to garden/hunt most of their food. Or maybe not? Maybe there is an arbitrary social judgment going on where people (read: women) who don't clean their house are fundamentally lazier than people who order food in. Or maybe it has to do with having someone come into your home and do your work for you, rather than having it happen elsewhere, which is way too close to having Help. It's socioeconomic privilege, embodied, in your home.

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On I'll See Myself Out

@kangerine The 77 and 82 numbers are both inclusive of all races and ethnicities. Both the BLS and other organizations sometimes calculate and release other ratios - e.g., the ratio between Hispanic women and white men, which is pretty dismal as you'd expect - but the ones that get the most media attention aren't race/ethnicity-specific.

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