On The Cheap Wine Report

@meetapossum I feel like there is a GoT reference just waiting to be made, here...

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle "First off: new Neko Case" [CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK] What there are more words here? (I have been listening to "Man" on repeat for the last week and a half, approximately. September 3 cannot come soon enough.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Brunhilde - This might not be possible since he's trying to neg you back (yeah, insult me into succumbing to your charms, that'll work) but could you & ex arrange for him to be out of the apartment for a specific time period so that you can pack?

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On Friday Open Thread

@amirite - I'm not an audiobook type but if you're open to podcats, Too Beautiful To Live is a daily(!) podcast that got me through two years of an hour-and-45-minutes-each-way commute.

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On Friday Open Thread

'Pintariat I need your help! (Also OMG it has been so long since I've been here that I nearly forgot my password. Eeek.)

So a good 5 years ago I bought my mom a cute snake bike lock from Pylones. It looked a little something like this:

Well the lock has had a good life but now it's gone to the great bike shop in the sky, and she has requested a replacement for her birthday next month. Except the company no longer makes them, and ebay doesn't seem to have anything on offer at the moment. So, a) does anyone have a top-secret black-market resource for getting another of these locks, or b) can anyone suggest a similarly clever bike lock to get instead?

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On Teasing Neko Case's New Album, 'The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You'

Where is the fast-forward button on the internet so I can skip ahead to the day this album is available??????

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On "Good Guys" Told


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On America's Next Top Worst Room

@MollyculeTheory - So... the same bed at the same time, or could you work out some sort of shift rotation?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Bittersweet - I hope you replied, "On average you would be perfectly comfortable."

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On The "Prom-posal"

Bah! Prom! Terrible! Well, not really terrible per se, but a big ol' pile of MEH. First the plan to go in a group with all my friends was ruined because people kept asking them out and eventually I was the only one sans escort, so I ended up taking the friend of my best friend's date as my date. He was nice but we had zero chemistry and I'd met him briefly, like, the week before? And THEN - not sure who made this decision - we had dinner at the new Japanese restaurant in town, very chic except that you had to sit on the floor. COME ON NOW.

Oh also the date thing happened so last-minute that I couldn't get a boutonniere so I made him an origami boutonniere.

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