On Just Like Team USA

I'm currently dating an asshole, there I said it, and my best friend has registered her disapproval with the classic "You can really do better you know." And I'm like, yes, I do know, and then we have more beers. But a key part of the equation is that I don't subject her to long-winded litanies of complaints about his assholeishness. It's much harder to be sympathetic when the woman is with a known asshole and just goes on and on about it even after she's been made aware and acknowledged him as such.

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On Shades of Other Things

@Linette I read that as "50 Shades of Cocksmoking" and was like, hey, news I can use!

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On Happy Hour: Happy Trails

@ginalouise I think technically it's a John Daly.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be My Mom's Favorites

The French & Indian War is our jam, my mom and me. It was her jam first when she wrote about it for her dissertation, then I got into it when The Last of the Mohicans came out (which I rented from the local video store at least 20 times). Then she took me to Fort Ticonderoga during summer vacation, and it was the best trip ever. We listened to the soundtrack over and over in the car on the way. In short, +100 Montcalm and Wolfe.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

@Amphora Do you by any chance use any facial products with salicylic acid? Mysterious bleach stains happened to my sister's towels and the culprit, as far as we could tell after doing much internet research, was her face wash that contained salicylic acid. Evidently it's fairly common.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

@SarahP Yeah that's about where I'm at. Also I just noticed that "dangnab tea" sounds like it could be a real variety of tea. Neat.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

95% of my laundry issues could be solved if Jolie could answer one question for me: How do I stop dribbling dangnab tea on my white and cream-colored sweaters?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

@Genghis Khat I live in Louisiana too!

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On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

Also, local foodbanks are one of the places your charity dollars can make the greatest impact close to home, and also one of the easiest places to donate. Just find your nearest one online and donate cash - they can do so much more with your monetary donation than with cans and so forth. You don't have to feel guilty that you could be doing more, because it's truly so much more effective for them to have the dollars than for you to collect and drop off foodstuffs.

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On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

The Gulf Restoration Network is a group that for almost 20 years has worked to monitor, protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico. They do great work for wetland restoration, and they watch-dog the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, which is still very much a problem in the Gulf Region. Great people, very dedicated.

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