On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

"When you wash your tights and nylons and such, add a little white vinegar (about a half a cup oughta do it), which serves as a natural fabric softener and will help cut down on static in those items. It also has the added benefit of helping to take out smells, which unfortunately sometimes our hosiery develops, particularly in the crotchal area. (Sorry, real talk.)"

So would this work when hand-washing tights, too? I usually use just a Woolite or something, but I am liking this idea...

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On Bachelorette's Leslye Headland: "You’re Just Not Gonna Be Okay"

@josiahg I have seen it twice already and LOVE it.

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

@skyslang Thank you - I'm a little baffled at comments saying she seems so self-reflective. No she doesn't! She sounds kind of looney about it all! Which is understandable considering she is trying to hold all of these ridiculous beliefs about herself while making the opposite choices! It's kind of fucked up.

I mean, bless her heart or whatever, I hope she's happy, but it doesn't actually sound healthy.

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On Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

@Megano! Ditto! I mean, this?

"I told him, “You’ll have to tell your wife about this.” And we both cried a little"

like jesus! That is some fucked up shit. Reminds me of my catholic friends telling me how they almost shit their pants before confession when they were little kids and had to admit to some minor trangression.

Religion is cruel. I'm so happy I've never played any part in that charade.

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@CountessMaritza There is lots of blog and even academic discussion of "choice feminism" and why it should not be conflated with "real" feminism (take my quotation marks as you wish, though obviously I am not a proponent of choice feminism) and here is a great example:

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@Ophelia something to consider: when figuring out whether it "pays" for you to continue working, try to do the math like this:
- don't assume all of the childcare costs come out of your salary - split it 50/50 with your husband. After all, he would be benefiting from you staying at home, so you should be factoring that into your math
- take into account lost future earnings - find a mathematical way to account for lost wages, earnings setbacks when you go back to work eventually, etc.
- take into account future social security and retirement benefits and those lost earnings when you stop working for a few years
- as someone else said, take into account the non-financial costs of mental health, how much your sense of identity is tied into your career, being dependent in some way on your husband, etc.

I just find that too many women say "well day care costs almost as much as my salary therefore it's not worth it" and that is just the wrong math infinity period the end.

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

"If Women’s Liberation meant anything, it meant giving women a full range of choices, so that if a woman thinks that that’s what she’s best at, and that’s what she’s happiest doing, then we absolutely need to validate that choice. "

NO NO NO don't fall for the Choice Feminism conundrum! That is NOT what "women's liberation" was about!

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On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

@Jolie Kerr Children of the Corn is my absolute favorite - somehow, even though I had parents who were strict in most ways, they never had any qualms about us watching scary movies so I grew up on this one.

Apparently they remade it a few years ago, I saw it the other night on the SciFi channel. WHY WOULD YOU MESS WITH PERFECTION, HOLLYWOOD?

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On New Friends, Surprise Babies, and the "Rare Phenomenon"

@karion I approve of this tough love.

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On How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid

@Heidi I mostly agree EXCEPT I think the age 30 cutoff is totally arbitrary - there are some 30 year-olds who have had one post-college job, and some who have had 5 upwardly-progressing post-college jobs. In the latter case, I think a two-page resume is acceptable (if not preferred).

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