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@halfheartedyoga IT IS SUCH A THING, DUDETTE. I am actually gonna link you to a discussion I started on last week's FOT because we talked about it in detail there. It is DEFINITELY a thing for people to want to go slower with physical stuff while still liking you. That is how I function in this world, and so do many other folks.

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By runner in the garden on The Cuckold Toe-Dip

@Daisy Razor - Modern Love is Thought Catalog for over-25s.

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By Inkling on Friday Open Thread

Didn't he know you were blonde?? And unsure of your age???
Those are all my fetishes!

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By i'm the spare driver on Police: "We are interviewing both parties to discover what could have happened"

@Edith Zimmerman I have to agree with Danzig. Rape isn't "funny" or "quirky" no matter who it happens to. I really expect better from the Hairpin.

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By DrFeelGood on Reflecting on Black Friday

@petejayhawk Whoa. All I said was "hey, I'm not for it too", and thanked the author for sharing her story. If you read the article, she talks about how the press on the black friday has been very one-sided, people saying how they really depended on online poker. I didn't really feel like elaborating, so, I didn't. When asked, I said, I don't really feel like discussing it. I'm not asking others to live by my moral standards, and actually my objections against gambling are academic. I am not personally against anyone who chooses to spend their money in that fashion, nor did I say that. Actually, I'm basically against all people who act like assholes, so thanks for being one!

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By leonstj on Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

@teenie - She's skipping the part where "Eli" is "The Zombie Ghost of Eli Whitney". He will only have sex missionary because if she does a bunch of sexy-riding of him, it will break his fragile zombie bones. He provides well for the family with his royalties on his invention, but their marriage is sexless because he will not stop talking about the goddamn cotton gin WE GET IT YOU MAKE IT EASIER TO MAKE TEE-SHIRTS NOW SHUTUP.

See, don't you feel bad for calling her a monster? Really, it's Eli who is the monster. Zombie, to be specific.

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By collier on How to Use the Internet

@mayonegg : I KNOWWWWW, why isn't everyone else doing this? You guys, if your searches are returning a bunch of garbage that has a lot of elements in common, try it again with boolean search syntax. Like, if you're looking for a nail polish called All The Effing Glitter Ever and getting ten million blog hits and a thousand links to shopzilla crap or whatever, try phrasing like "nail polish" "All The Effing Glitter Ever" -blog -shopzilla. putting phrases in "quotes" makes google search for that exact string of words, not just each individual word, and putting a -minus in front of something makes it exclude results that contain that word. This will change your life.

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By on Instead of Buying a Handbag, Take a Walk

@halfheartedyoga Yes, this. Privileged people talking to other privileged people about what they should do with their disposable incomes while they live in the suburbs. I find it sort of insulting that our country is still struggling with mass unemployment, there are people protesting in the streets because of how bleak the options are, and the economy is the big issue for the upcoming election, and yet these people are so out of touch that they suggest that not buying handbags is going to fix some stuff, or that people in nice suburban houses should stop spending money willy-nilly. How fucking out of touch are these people? Jesus Christ, even nice suburbanites (like my lovely parents), even nice, wealthy, comfortable suburbanites started cutting back oh, I don't know, about 3 years ago. When the economy collapsed. And everyone lost their jobs. And nobody was buying handbags.

Really? Find a lower paying, more fulfilling job? How about "thank your lucky stars that you're employed, have a glass of wine, and tell the people in your life that you love them."

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By oldtobegin on Questionably Tattooed Manchildren and New Uses for Old Jars

the arguments here about "you're not a slut, LW2, XYZ thing is what makes you a slut" are giving me the heebie jeebies. i know everyone means well and is saying lots of good and encouraging things to LW2, but i feel the need to say this:

there is no such thing as a "real slut." "slut" is a term generated out of the patriarchy to oppress women for sexual expression. if you have sex with a lot of people, you might be called a slut. if you don't respect yourself for the sex you have, you might be called a slut. if you sleep with a bunch of people concurrently, you might be called a slut. if you're a single mother who still has sex, you might be called a slut, or a teen mother, or polyamorous, or etc. etc. etc.

but none of those examples are the "real" definition of "slut," because "slut" is - again - a tool for oppression, not a thing a woman can actually be. some of those scenarios - including, maybe, LW2's situation - may be problematic, or detrimental to quality of life, or may require intervention from one's self, one's therapist, one's partner, or one's friends - but there are no sluts. i refuse to take it back. it's not real. it's an oppressive idea. let's stop quibbling over its meaning and reject it.

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