By talie on Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Rekindle My Belief In Men?

Bleh. Part of me feels that hiding in "just work on being happy with yourself and then a great partner will come along!" is a hint of "anyone who's looking to date and not having any success is obviously unhappy with her life or doing something wrong" which is in no way true. You can be really proud of who you are, Living Your Best Life, and still be annoyed that you can't find a good person to share that best life with!

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By JanieS on Mysteries of Adulthood

@shalalas Nobody could tell Jane shit. She only ever did exactly what she wanted/what she thought was right. That her life choices seem questionable to us is entirely beside the point.

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By queequeging on Joan Didion on Woody Allen

@bluewindgirl Yes! That's exactly it! Thank you for eloquently articulating what I've only ever been able to express as "i just get a gross vibe" whenever someone tries to defend Woody Allen by saying "but Annie Hall?" or something. It's that all the women in his movies, when they're not being Blue Jasmine type witches (I haven't actually seen Blue Jasmine) are just playing out some weird male fantasy.

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By Kath on What If I Am Never Anyone's Shorty, and Other Fears

Three relationships by the time you're 27 actually seems completely average and not at all anomalous to me?

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By Ten Thousand Buckets on A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago

@meetapossum Try the second version of the poem (close to the bottom) in this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2002/04/rose.htm

I can never think of the actual poem without thinking of that article's version.

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By tussock on A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago

It reminds me of the joke about accents in the north-east of England:

A woman walks into a hairdresser's in Ashington and says "I'd like a perm please". "Certainly, madam," says the hairdresser. "I wandered lernly as a clerd."

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By yrouttasight on A Brief Encounter With Jane, the Queen of Chicago

"Her favorite flower...is daffodils."


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By angelan on The Spinsterhood Pie

100% commitment to seriously girly decorating ideals would probably be opposed by man.

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By Linette on The Marriage Pie

@anachronistique RIGHT? Masquerade balls are better than weddings in all the ways.

The dress code: do your utmost to outshine the bride with the most fantastic outfit imaginable.

The ceremony: 30 seconds of talking followed by a full-scale musical number into which all the guests will be inexorably drawn.

The games: tricking anyone into thinking you are someone else is a mark of honor to be rewarded with infinite champagne.

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By iceberg on The Marriage Pie

@anachronistique marry yourself like Jane Lynch on Glee

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