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Turn offs: 100% Tampa

Turn ons: 100% Matt Bomer

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[Poll] Marrying adopted brother?

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On The Secret Lives of Shoppers

Honestly though, it's a long read but a good one. I highly recommend taking the time.

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On How's It Going?

@phenylalanine you would love this: Sisterhood of Roller Derby

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On How's It Going?

@jen325 again, i'm aware of this...just trying to help the hairpin monetize so it never disappears :)

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On How's It Going?

@Tropical Iceland it's mostly a business decision - I've seen it boost readership statistics by double digit percentages at other companies. However you do make an excellent point about the potential annoyance of it.

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On How's It Going?


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On How's It Going?

Also...just more about Downton Abbey. Thanks.

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On How's It Going?

This is administrative, but I've noticed that the Hairpin is one of the only websites that doesn't automatically direct links to a new tab/window. If you could change this on the back-end (or just moving forward, I know it's a pretty easy HTML fix and might be even easier if you're using a robust CMS), it would "force" users to stay on the site and keep browsing. Especially for newcomers this is a good way to encourage an increase in the average time spent on site statistic for your advertisers.

(and I'm sorry if someone already mentioned it [I didn't take the time to read all the comments...])

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On Happy Hour: Real Housewives & Pinot Grigio Cocktails

Keep the brandy recipes coming. I bought some for manufacturing holiday spirit and haven't a use for it since. (I got the stuff that was so cheap taking shots of it when you're already drunk doesn't even seem like a good idea).

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